I might have a problem

We went out to see some movies, today. Fun was had. Expense was found. Expense in the form of some new vinyl LP's.

My 45's are really getting crowded out, now. And I might need to order some proper LP storage at some point so that I can stack these udder-buckers... because my vinyl collection is getting just the teensy-tiniest bit FIRKIN ENORMOUS.

And I show no signs of stopping because I adore vinyl.

That said... even the cheap vinyl comes out to around $20, and the new stuff at JB's is usually around $50 per LP. As a long-time haunter of the bargain bins, I remember when I could pick up an album in relatively good quality for ten bucks or less.

Hell, I remember seeing the Paint Your Wagon soundtrack in Cash Converters for $5 and not having the money for it at the time. I could cry. It was probably in bad repair. Sigh.

LP's were declared deceased, once. Now you can get newly-published stuff on vinyl. If you know where to shop. Who knows? Tapes may make a comeback.

But I have days worth of music on my iTunes, possibly another month or so worth of LP vinyl, a metric fuckton of singles... And I still want more. I have a growing stack of CD's under my table and on top of my art supplies.

Guys. I'm addicted to music.

And, just like my writing, I've possibly mislaid more stuff that I currently have a place for. I either need help or a nice warehouse. At least with the CD's, I can convert them to FLAC format and save them digitally. And I have everything from classical to punk... though I tend to hang around the R&B arena, mostly. And, as I mentioned once or twice, I like the weird stuff.

In financial news, I am headed to a Suncorp branch in person to talk to them about getting that firkin card that has held everything up for an entire month. At least I have some cash to buy veggies and cream with, right now. Huzzah.

And I should try some restraint when next in JB's...