Willpower vs won'tpower

Inertia is a wonderful thing. For limited definitions of 'wonderful'. It's inertia that got my house into a state of... eurgh. It should be intertia that, once I get going, will get it un-eurghed. I need to hire some damn cleaners, because working with someone is what motivates me the best.

Otherwise I just sit and entertain myself until I either fall asleep or time runs out on me.

Problem is, I also have severe anxiety about contacting anyone. I've had two mobs of cleaners exeunt on me [The first lot technically fell into a state of not doing their job right] and the third might just continue the curse.

Asking Beloved to do it for me has been fail. They have too much to do with regular life that remembering to do stuff for me is occasional business.

So I just now bit the bullet and filled in a web form to get a cleaner in. Fingers crossed the ones I can afford are the ones that do a good job.

In finance news, Beloved still hasn't got me, themself, and a Suncorp branch in the same space at the same time. So I'm still in an economic limbo.

Which is getting to be a real pain in the butt.

The won'tpower is strong in this family.