Challenge #01526-D065: Goods and Services

Oh fuck that noise, screw that sound, hump that harmonic, bang that bass, fornicate with that frequency and fuck me! -- RecklessPrudence

In all of Galactic Society, the most alarming feature to most human societies is the simple fact that sex work and mental therapy have homogenised into a harmonious whole. Humans have had an interesting relationship with the mechanics of their own reproduction and, despite some centuries af adjustment, are still hung up about it.

Case in point, most of the accumulated populations of most of the Greater Deregulations. Very few of them have a charitable attitude to one designated gender in particular, and anyone they view as 'lesser'. And, like most civilisations based on an unattainable ideal of purity, they are floundering in a sea of civilisations that are more... well... civilised, and use all of their potential work-force. They also have a regrettable tendency to pollute their own environment to the point where it's nigh-unlivable. But that's not the subject of this analysis.

Take expatriot of Greater Deregulation Lower West, Adam Adamson. He was once a person who believed in ancient ideals. The supremacy of man, especially a man who had a lack of melanin, was one of them. 'Might makes right' was another. He also believed that if he worked hard and obeyed orders, he would subsequently rise to greatness. Or at least a better style of living. He was one of the many betrayed by the Greater Deregulation way of life. Today, he is shopping for a therapist.

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