::William Tell Overture at 75rpm::

[AN: IDEK when this should have posted, but you can assume I was very distracted]

Okay, so today is busy and I only have myself to blame. I had scheduled an appointment for Chaos to get her shrinky paperwork in order for yesterday afternoon, but because of a sick Mayhem, I completely forgot about it.


Now I have one this morning, but with squeaking room to actually get to the shrink on time. AND I have paperwork to hand in to Mayhem's school, because I am a stickler for such things.

In order to have today's story done, I pretty much have to concentrate on doing my daily Instant in the time I have between now and eight in the morning to do this blog and today's Instant and all the associated advertising.

And of course, under pressure, I'm as distractible as a kitten in a disco.

Neither Beloved nor I can remember the exact date we perma-bonded, but we know it's around the 8th. So we're having an anniversary week because why not?

Still no word from A2B. I'm starting to think that I might actually have a success on my hands. Which might actually be a good thing.

Beloved and I already have plans for my first $2mil. It includes model X Teslas and finally getting the aquaponics garden installed. And some fibreoptic cable for our internet connection.

I think my third million will go on fixing MeMum's house to her satisfaction. Possibly followed by the land. And then I'll set up my in-laws.

After that? I'll start being charitable to good causes. And maybe fuck with politics so that our Earth is not so similarly fucked. Money talks, and I'm still a hippie at heart.

You watch. Tomorrow shall be the day I fail.