Challenge #01520-D059: Lost and Found

[Person #1]: Spectro-analysis of the ship dates it as having been in orbit here for slightly more than three hundred million years.

[Person #2]: They built shit to last back in the Paleozoic, huh?

(your choice on whether Person #1's results bear any resemblance to reality) -- RecklessPrudence

Tel swore under her breath and worked her fastest to get that comment out of the feed to the rest of the Galactic Alliance. One cut, and Ambassador Shayde's glib and unnecessary remark was no longer present in the official record. Only the Archivaas, who kept everything, would know of that disastrous blurt.

Rael, wise to the frantic editing that Tel was busy with, sent the Ambassador a ping. The Ambassador, in turn, levelled something of a glare in both their general directions. She very exaggeratedly pulled herself into a formal stance and said, "So it had tae have gone down a deep time wormhole, aye?"

"More like several," Moni, unaware, was assembling data from her scans. "Looks like someone was attempting some serious time travel and finally ended up here."

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