Finding that new swing

Okay. So I no longer really have free time in the mornings. I have my alarm set at 5AM so that I have time to bathe before Beloved racks off to work. Then it's pretty much pure chasing my little darlings until it's time to go to school. And each little darling has a different delivery time.

Mornings after dropping off Mayhem are the best time to go shopping for fresh veggie matter so I can have dinner be all delicious and not encounter a crisper full of squishy mouldy things.

It's all very nice to have the fridge overflowing with healthy veg and all, but it doesn't count for anything if it all turns to goop without getting eaten. And I despise waste.

Tonight's PLN is a spagbol with some non-standard veggies thrown in to make it interesting. We haven't had spagbol in a while. And of course the pasta will be replaced with zucchini noodles.

We re-start dairy tomorrow. And I want to start with cream, but I'm sure Beloved has their own plans for all of us. With all good luck, it won't bomb my health out by getting back to it.

I like cheese. Like... really like cheese. I will happily attempt to consume a wheel of camembert or brie all on my only. Same way I will happily attempt to consume my own weight in Sushi.

So here's hoping I don't get crook when I start eating it again.

There's still no word from my A2B, so I haven't been rejected yet. There's just a week to go. This time next week... I'm either accepted or I've been strung along for three months.

Fun times ahead.