Challenge #01467-D006: Surrender Now, or... What?

:In front of a delegation from [Bad Guy], facetiously:

"Commander [Good Guy]? Do you have any idea where the [Bad Guy]'s Military is? They seem to have misplaced it. And do you smell something burning?" -- RecklessPrudence

Of course, it was a metaphor. The humans were irritatingly rife with them. Smell could no more travel through the gulfs of space than sound could transmit through vacuum. Nevertheless, they were also irritatingly good at inventing means of transmitting information at ludicrously faster speeds. Only for the humans was impatience a virtue.

His comms bleeped. Text only. He lifted the screen and read Final Failure reports from vessel after vessel in the Conid fleet. Sudden unexpected failure of the Bloodthirsty. Sudden unexpected failure of the Ravager. Sudden unexpected failure of the Radula. On and on.

Five hundred ships, turned to very brief stars in the eternal night of space.

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