Educational Moment

I like learning new things. And since I'm turning forty-five this year, that means that I'm well beyond Douglas Adams' statement that anything invented after I'm thirty-five is strange and scary. I'm one of those annoying people who act like a new thing should have always been like that.

Just ask Beloved. I'm always unimpressed by their programming of a new thing. No "yes, this is just what I wanted." It's all "why didn't they do this earlier?" Much frustrate. Very wearing.

But, regardless, I am learning a New Thing(tm). I am attempting to schedule my posts on Streemit.

My last effort at this was complete failure, because I could not get the calendar/time setting to mesh with my own temporal space. I suspect the new year might have interfered.

This time, even with time zones as a factor, I should be okay. I think. Regardless of what happens, I've scheduled my posts to happen two hours apart1 in just a few minutes from now, so we shall see.

Once I have a baseline for comparison, hopefully I'll be able to wrangle things properly. Today is an Experiment Day.

And now for some Science and LCHF/Keto!

What I put up yesterday was how and why LCHF freakin' works. Keep in mind that that post was a "most of the time" scenario. There are very rare sorts who have to be really careful about their fat intake and which fats they use. Those are people who've had their gall bladder removed, people taking Spiro or other hormonal balancing agents, and the extremely rare people for whom LCHF doesn't work in practice. If you're one of those number, seek a Medic who knows their LCHF stuff.

Now, onto some really key parts of LCHF. Proper nutrients.

We all know there's very little in the way of proper nutrition in modern-day cereal crops. They've all been bred for yield, and not for vitamins. Therefore, there's very little that happens to you if you flip that out for some nice, healthy fats.

What you might not know is how the Industrial Model messed things up for everyone.

Before the Industrial Revolution, they used to have a thing called Crop Rotation. Wheat, beans, and whatever would swap places on a plot of land, and a fourth segment would be allowed to lie 'fallow'. Translated, the farmers would let their cattle and poultry go out there and graze. And poop.

This put all sorts of micronutrients in the soil, and it put other micronutrients into the animals. The food was more varied, and the leading causes of death were (a) war and (b) filthy living conditions.

The industrial revolution was the thing that made everything a factory. Growing animals, growing grain. You committed to one and that was it. Small wonder, then, that places that didn't get seafood also got goiters and other signs of iodine deficiency.

Pro tip: if you can't have seafood, and you don't want the dextrose in table salt, get yourself some sea salt. It should have plenty in it without the hidden carbs.

So, one hundred and fifty years ago, some genius realised it was the lack of iodine that caused all these landlocked families trouble, and introduced iodized table salt. Hooray!

But that's just one thing you can get out of pasture-fed animal products. Ever wonder why the Western World keeps getting sicker? It's because more and more of our food comes out of a chemical factory.

Feed the cows grain in fattening pens. They get bacterial infections in their guts. Give them huge amounts of antibiotics and growth hormones for extra yield. But that's still not fast enough. Butcher them faster, and hang the cleanliness standards. Whoops, all that meat is covered in poo! I know, let's just soak it in fucking bleach2 and other chemicals to make sure those poo volatiles are absolutely gone.

Children drinking "healthy" skim cow's milk grow faster because Bovine Growth Hormone. They get mental issues because Bovine Growth Hormone. Bacterial infections are stronger than ever.

So Modern Medicine looks at all of this, shrugs, and says, "Whoops, I guess meat is bad for you now." And all the militant Vegans or Vegetarians are all about that, so there's more noise than ever about how evil meats are.

Meanwhile, lack of crop rotation is making certain all of our GMODed monoculture crops are getting pretty sick, too. Nevermind that! Monsan-toe-rags to the rescue! They can stuff our soils full of petrochemically-derived fertilisers and make everything right! And be sure to use Monsan-toe-rag branded bug spray, now with less neonicontids. Not that it was those that were killing bees. Honest. We're good for you. Better living through chemistry(tm)...

And then people turn around and wonder how there's such great rises in all these mental disorders. Must be those darn vaccines, right?

In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.

Australia actually has a brain and doesn't do most of this, but Monsanto still has a foothold here with GMOD wheat and other crops. They're bound to try and gain more influence.

All because industries expect nature to act like a factory.

Now I'm not saying that all this is horrible. Many of these advancements made modern life possible. BUT - it's also caused more troubles than it's solved.

And this is why Beloved and I seek out organic whole foods [nothing processed in a factory] and pasture-fed animal products. Micronutrients in healthy food, raised so that it is healthy, makes you healthy.

Mums all over the world have been saying it for centuries. You are what you eat. And if you eat sick food, you get sick yourself.

Which is also why we're planning to grow our own. Only way to be certain.

  1. Because the program/website used to schedule won't let me do them one hour apart, the bugger.

  2. America, the unhealthiest nation in the world, does this regularly.