Challenge #01447-C352: The Gratitude of Some People

Two people in danger

[Person #1] has a plan and gets them out of it


[Person #1]: But it worked! -- RecklessPrudence

"We still nearly died!" ranted Mr'kish.

"I made sure we didn't. And, more importantly, I made sure you didn't. The proper words at this point are 'thank you'."

"You used your livesuit as an escape pod. You shot us out a torpedo tube..."

"In my defence, I was aiming for the rescue ship."

"We still have technicians trying to undo your bodge job around us, Dale..."

"Also in my defence, they might not have got my message about letting their Hungry Caterpillar pick us up. My comms are... uh... a little bit toasted."

"They broke in the torpedo tube, didn't they?"

"Enough of your sass, madam, or I'll start calling you 'Mr Kish' again." A sigh. "Yes. They did."

"I told you that re-wiring the comms of your suit was a bad idea, Miss Dale."

Dale scratched her nose. "Yeah, you did. And it was a calculated risk. And now I have to stand here and suffer whilst the techies take apart my work to see how I did it."

"Yeah," cooed Chief Technician Mirrin. "If this looks real good, we'll issue a set of lifesuits where the adaptation is easier."

"And the comms stay intact," added Dale.

"Yeah, probably," agreed Mirrin.

"I'm surrounded by humans," Mr'kesh wailed.

"At least they took my helmet off so you can have fresher air."

"...still tainted by your body odour," she grumbled.

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