Owwie, owwie, owwie

Yesterday, the blockage in my sinuses decided to stab me through the left cheekbone. Thereby giving me the worst sinus pain I have had in my life. It hurt to move. It certainly hurt to change elevations. In fact, all I wanted to do with my day was lie in bed and sleep it off.

The Keto sites recommended that, since this bug had bit me during Keto Flu, I actually raise my carb intake a smidgen. The explanation? My body, being the ultimate smarty-pants, was attempting to conserve any remaining carbohydrates and therefore not allowing itself to create mucous.

So I cooked up the last of our quinoa (less than 1/4 of a cup) and a sliced carrot (skin on) in butter, coconut cream, and almond milk. The result was... not entirely untasty, but it seemed to at least feel rewarding. My general miasma of agony retreated a little bit.

The effects kicked in at about one in the morning when a veritable mountain of mucous issued forth and kept me in the bathroom for some significant time.

I am entertaining thoughts of breaking Keto just so I can binge on juice and ginger ale.

Beloved is entertaining the notion that I have the wrong antibiotic. Which I've told him is unlikely, because I've had amoxycillin in all its various forms since I was a child.

So now I'm waiting for the codeine I took at roughly 2AM to wear off to see if I still need to see the quack about my sinus pain. All indicators point to 'Yes'.

But I'll also be loading up on my favourite anti-Keto bug-be-gone and hoping I can stay isolated from disease vectors the next time I get the Keto Flu.

And good news for anyone who looked up my lorefic AU - I'm still Lurgi-addled enough to want to write it whenever I'm awake. And I shall try to be awake longer than I have been.

This heat, however, just makes me want to retreat into the AC with very little between me and the cooling air. If you want to imagine me with chiseled abs, good for you. But the saggy, floppy truth is far from that idyllic vision.