Challenge #01436-C341: Bizarre Reactions

Dinosaurs in zero g -- OohLookShiny

Of all the things evolution in space has wrought, of all the new species discovered in long-abandoned space stations... This one definitely took the cake.

They started as small pterosaurs, and their prey were some kind of bipedal herbivore. Like all saurians, they also had feathers. There was also an ample supply of cockroaches, as well as the plants that had once been in the agri section and had since gone wild.

Everything had gone wild.

The cockroaches had done what cockroaches do best in microgravity. They grew spikes and beyond thirty times their original size. The pterosaurs didn't seem to care about that, and ate them anyway.

The herbivore of this infant biota changed to digest all of the vegetation that was now growing wild. They also developed a grasping hand so they could anchor themselves when they were grazing. They developed extra ocular organs so they could watch behind them if they were occupied with other things.

And, as the science team found out, a means of locomotion that was also -er- jet propelled from their digestive system.

Just bouncing off of walls wasn't enough. These bouncing herbivores also farted their way to freedom.

As for the pterosaurs... their wings were made for steering only, and their legs adapted to intersect and use any launching surface.

Toq'therin found it all fascinating, until she looked over at the ship's human. She had that grin again. "Sheila? Please do not say anything ill advised?"

Too late. Sheila spread her lanky arms wide and proclaimed, "DINOS... IN... SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!" and then started humming something to herself.

Humans. They all had their own bizarre little quirks.

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