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Challenge #02431-F241: Elements of Bad Design

The tailbone is virtually useless, a big target near our ass, not to mention the design of our spine is structurally fucked, AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FOUR WISDOM TEETHS THAT I NEED TO BE SHATTERED AND EXTRACTED. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Don't get me started on my wisdom teeth. That was a horrorshow.]

If there was ever an argument against intelligent design, it is simply found in vestigial portions of anatomy and the troubles they cause. Just for example: The appendix, tailbone, wisdom teeth, and possibly the tonsils. Much that some doctors adore whipping out the gall bladder, it is still a necessary organ. At least, it is for the portions of the population who still consume animal-sourced foods.

Consider also the Human leg. For a majority of evolution, creatures did not roam around the scenery on two legs. The hip joint itself is a prime example of concatenating disaster chains working together to create a nominally functional joint. Just about every joint in a Human leg was initially for a different purpose and therefore, when applied to bipedal motion, are doomed to fail through lengthy use. See also: dislocated shoulders.

The ball joint is the worst of disaster joints to stick inside of a living being, yet most life on Earth has four of them. Humans, once evolved to brachiate, needed that flexibility, and now that flexibility becomes a literal pain in the anatomy. Then there's the entire mess that is the Human digestive system.

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Challenge #02357-F167: Armour-plated Badass


Some species have chitin as Armour.

We Humans have interior Bones and Skin.

But what If an Alien species has developed an exterior Skin of Bone ? -- Anon Guest

There are very few examples of osteodermis extremis in cogniscent lifeforms. For Deathworlds, and the Deathworlders who dwell on them, it makes more evolutionary sense than -say- being small, mobile and squishy. Though not common, it's generally expected for Deathworlders of level four or above to

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Challenge #01925-E101: Tragedy Tomorrow

Today's program consists of the Men's choirs, Poetry reading, original, Poetry reading from one of the set poems, and children's dance. (See The Goodies, "Eisteddfod from the Welsh. Eistedd, bored. Fod, stiff.") -- Anon Guest

Colony worlds, once cut off from their progenitor planet, have to deal with what they've got. B'Nar took everything nerd-related with them owing to the fact that it was settled by genetic engineering companies and their nerdy, nerdy staff. And their equally nerdy families. The assembled Greater

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Challenge #01436-C341: Bizarre Reactions

Dinosaurs in zero g -- OohLookShiny

Of all the things evolution in space has wrought, of all the new species discovered in long-abandoned space stations... This one definitely took the cake.

They started as small pterosaurs, and their prey were some kind of bipedal herbivore. Like all saurians, they also had feathers. There was also an ample supply of cockroaches, as well as the plants that had once been in the agri section and had since gone wild.

Everything had gone wild.

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How My Teacher Helped Religious Parents Understand Evolution

How My Teacher Helped Religious Parents Understand Evolution



My biology teacher, Mr. G, used to teach at a K - 12 Christian school many years back, and in his biology class, he taught evolution. Naturally, this made many parents of religious families upset, and he expected quite a lot of backlash at parent-teacher night….

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