Small starts

Lots of people who use Ketogenics don't often talk about Ketogenics. Possibly, this is due to the huge amounts of opposition directly related to having everything they know being suddenly wrong.

It's more than a shock to realise that everything you thought was good is actually evil. And it does take a special mind to turn everything upside down.

Attempting to convert people over to the LCHF side doesn't have to be a fight to the death. I found a Keto-recipe app to be most influential. They have lots of studio photos of actual Keto food that looks so delicious and dissolves all objections about restricted diet.

Another good talking point is your own experiences. I spoke about Beloved's diabetes and his stepping away from needing so much medication. I spoke about the fact that I'm stepping down my asthma meds. I spoke about how it's already helping me out with my depression and personal energy levels.

And I spoke about how easy it is to start off.

It isn't difficult to start talking. You just have to have an opening. Even "how are you" and all its variants can lead to a discussion on this new diet.

Heck, I think I got one convert just because she's tried every other lo-fat, hi-carb diet that's out there and failed every single one.

Beloved and I did a figure eight walk around both blocks, which, according to the more accurate metrics of Google Fit, is actually closer to 3K. Which means the marathon walk we did yesterday had to be WAY more than that. Yikes.

Today's story will be late, because I have to run a few errands. But it will be happening. Promise. I just gotta return a kitchen scale, pay Chaos' school, track down some zinc-oxide type sunblock (preferably in lurid colours, and preferably in bulk), and get my money for the fortnight.

I might leave the zinc hunt until after I'm done writing. But at least one of those other things is urgent.

So... off I pop.