Challenge #01237-C142: Strange on a Train -- Gallifreya

Ah crap. Once again, the only seat on the train home was the Weirdo Seat. The ones where all the mentally disturbed just had to sit. And anyone unlucky enough to have to sit next to them had to endure their madness by osmosis.

Euphoria Jones weighed her options. It was a long-ass ride home. Her feet were already killing her from hours chasing after idiot customer requests. Including numerous trips into "the back" to check that, once again, the store that gave her employ had never, ever, stocked the thing that the idiot customer was looking for.

Then there was the hardy perennial idiot looking for clothes in the soup aisle. And the other hardy perennial idiot who seemed to mistake a grocery store for literally anything else. Up to and including a restaurant or a no-tell motel. Moms changing a baby's pants, she could tolerate. That was a mission of urgency and mercy combined. Adults changing their pants... not so much.

And since it was that or land on the leg of a douchebro manspreading all over three seats, thus prompting him to grope her for daring to invade his more-than-ample space... she sat next to the weirdo.

Ow. God. Why did her feet hate her more when she gave them a break?

"You're very brave to sit there."

"I'm very tired to sit here," said Euphoria, desperately attempting to untangle her headphones.

"I'm a vampire."

"Congratulations." The things a pocket could do to anything boggled the minds of man. No matter how orderly the headphones were when they went away, they always came out as the modern answer to the Gordian Knot.

"I could kill you if I wanted."

Oh for fuck's sake... Euphoria snapped. "So fucking what? So could those guys over there. So could any other human on the street. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You. Aren't. Special." She finally found all three ends and plugged them in.

Just before the music drowned out everything, she heard the alleged vampire say, "Jeez, the weirdoes you meet on the train."

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