I am going to make something today. I am done with sorting the cabochons. The only pile of unsorted beads I have is a baggie of random reds, and I am not touching those until I have done. One. Firkin. PAIR.

I am going to make earrings until I am sick of it, or I have sample examples of each of my pride flag earrings firkin DONE. Whichever happens first.

Then, and only then, will I indulge my OCD aspect and sort out the very last set of unsorted beads that I have. I have to consult with Beloved about which particular set of colours is easier to 'shop for my shop pictures, but I'm bound to play around with the other findings I have and come up with something fun and pretty. I plan on having an assortment of styles, from the discrete and glittery, to the wild and out there.

And I have to concoct a clip-ons FAQ. If you know someone with pristine lobes who wants to wear earrings, but doesn't want someone to stick a needle through their flesh... please encourage them to ask me [either here or on my tumblr] anything at all that concerns them about clip-ons.

I know I have the standard set [Does it hurt? Am I wearing them properly? Why do you have "NUMBER available" on some earrings? What's the benefit of clip-ons versus earrings? Nobody noticed me wearing my bling, what is up with that? and so on] but I need to know if there's anything else people want to know.

And since I already wrote my words today [an attack of the colliwobbles at 2AM] it gives me some work to do towards my other goals.

Tomorrow - I am taking a "me day" which means my blog and Instant will be supremely late [unless I wake up at Fuckoff AM again]. I plan on doing a lot of not very much at all and just soaking in inertia all firkin day. Those emotional batteries need charging.