My best laid plans haven't just gone agley. They're flapping in the breeze. Pissing into the wind. Whistling Dixie.

Inertia is my enemy. I fucking hate it. And I really despise it when the object at rest happens to be people I need to do things for my. My skill set is limited. My ideas of design are either (a) antiquated, (b) fucking ugly, or (c) both. This is why I handed a concept sketch to Beloved for the EGDB logo instead of trying to make it myself.

The enthusiasm for my EGDB project seems to have dwindled, following that first burst of effort towards getting the thing done. If I could just know how to do it reliably? I would be doing it myself. And done in the instructions for dummins, insert-tab-a-into-slot-b-cha-cha-cha kind of way. And it chafes my niblets because I was so close to having a process that even I could do.

There's so much stuff I have in the sidelines just waiting for other people to get their collective thumbs out of their divots. And I'm really debating sending out Adapting to any beta readers at all. I'm thinking the good opinion of my Beloved aught to be sufficient... but I also kinda need my Bastard Editor From Hell.

But first - I need Beloved to get the alpha draft ready for any beta readers. Another act of inertia is blocking that like an overturned molasses container on the freeway.

At least I'm not having trouble with Beauties and the Beastly. The first chapter should be done, today. Possibly with more words into the second chapter than I really intended. It's so very easy to write more than I intend on this thing and I'm loving it.

It's about the one bright spot that I have, any more. So much shit is conspiring to stab me in the back, today, it's not funny. AND I still have to get my car serviced so I can actually go see a friendo in another state. Last thing I need is for my car to be borked out in the middle of Tullagawupwup.

Which means I have to call the mob that I was promised would call me, book a service ASAP and plan the rest of my life around that. What's the betting that the soonest they can see me is firkin NOVEMBER? Because my life is that much shit right now.

I might have to steal one of Beloved's cars just to see my friendo, and I know which one they'd rather give to me. Yup. The SHITTY ONE. If push comes to that shove, I will demand to be shown how to get my music on its radio, because there is no way in hell that I'm driving across the countryside with firkin free-to-air inanity in my ears. Gyah.

Life wants to hit me. I get it. I'm not ready to lie down just yet.