Busy Day Ahead

I have to do the writing things. Obviously. My Tumblr inbox is empty so any TAZ flash fanfictions I come up with will be my own. Yay, I guess. One less thing to fret about.

I moved a whole pile of dirt [and likely 14 nuts within] to fill a hole, and that was hard yakka. I need to finish notching the posts, but I need assistance on that shiznit, so the PLN, such as it is, will include more ground prep. I took down some tall plants with a machete, so getting the rest of the dirt out is my PLN for today.

Where to put it is my problem for today.

Thanks to an early AM awakening, I did record the rest of the stories for episode 6. Editing them is another problem for today.

Likewise, how to juggle all of that and a trip that shall need paperwork. Sigh.

I shall do my best, as always. Thanks in advance for your patience.