Challenge #02346-F156: Darby O'Gill Sends His Regards

Dear InterNutter,

Since you have blessed us with all your lovely writings of the many wondrous worlds you have created while juggling life, kids and painful weather phenomenon I would like to give you something to enjoy reading instead of writing about. Although it's not mine to give, please enjoy it.

Thank you! -- Amberfox

[AN: the text in this link is way too long to transcribe, so please read it in a new tab or something. I'll just get on with the tale]

The Irish dreamed of Little People, the fair folk, and the Gentry. The Danes imagined Nisse, the Household spirits who lived in between spaces and occasionally made things vanish. Mary Norton conjured the Borrowers, who lived in small spaces and only took small things that may never be missed.

Many cultures have come up with smaller people who live in our unused or unseen spaces. You can imagine Humanity's collective shock when they discovered the truth. It was Humans who were the small folk. Even the tallest of Humans would have trouble reaching the average alien's knee, should they stand on the same surface together. Life is a peril at that scale, and only the bravest and the most nimble went out into space with the others.

Those who went, adapted well. They took up residence in the spaces between. They took advantage of the neglected things. Many rode on alien shoulders, some with the invention of a form of saddle, others by clinging to whatever there was to grab. Some peoples made sure there was accomodations. Runways, stairs, ladders added into the architecture. Humans, in return, provided new meaning to miniaturisation.

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