I did it!

Episode six of Inter-Mission is now a finished thing that is ready for export into Soundcloud. Yay.

Just because it can take me a week to do an episode, doesn't mean it will take a week. My sleep is unpredictable, and my time windows are varied. My plan is to 'push' to make a new episode as soon as one is out on the aether, so I still have my buffer zone.

I'm fast approaching an impasse with the Kitty Kondo. Notching the posts requires another Human to hold the other end up, so that can only happen in the afternoons. Meanwhile, I have a whole bunch of smaller boards to mark according to the PLN. That's my activity for the diem.

Write a bit, mark some boards, write some more, and so on. Only then will I be done with all I can do, and the Saturday morning will be devoted to the last of the notching. That will leave Saturday afternoon for the footprint prep.

Once we have the floor in, I suspect things will move very quickly. I hope they do. We need some dry days for the concrete to set and rain is due this weekend. It's panic stations.

The baby meep is due to leave her home soon, and given the weather, it might be another week before she has her space to be safe. Yeaurgh... mrrrrrr...

I am not liking crunch time. It is my least favourite time.