Another Monday

Time passes in a blur and it's difficult to know what day it is without checking my computer. If it wasn't for machine memory, I'd think anything shy of "day" and "night" are social constructs and ignore them completely.

Good news - I have a pre-existing account on Woolworths. Bad news, the stuff I want to get from Woolies is not available in my area. Two steps forward, five steps back.

The Aussie Government is planning to open up only if steps are in place to contain outbreaks in real time. This includes making sure people who are exposed get rounded up as soon as possible after exposure is discovered. People don't like being tracked, even if it's for their own good.

Meanwhile the USA has "plans" to open up owing to an astroturf campaign funded by businesses and staffed by people stupid enough to believe that their glorious alleged leader actually cares about their welfare. For those in the peanut gallery, an astroturf campaign is an entirely artificial campaign that only looks like a "grassroots" one run by the common folk.

Fortunately people are catching on, calling it out, and the media are ignoring it. They're not feeding these trolls and I have to say thanks to them for doing that. The US is already slated to have a population devastated by this plague and these "protests" are only going to increase the spike.

In home news, all the things I've been worried about for two months have hit Mayhem like a ton of bricks. He's now aware that this plague is contagious as hell [it hangs around on surfaces for 24 hours! That's Measles levels of diabolical. Measles only hangs around for 2 hours and is infectious as all shit] There's news articles about farts spreading the GD plague and holy hell, that's got to mean everywhere's already got it there.

Nevertheless, Mayhem's work is still important and we had a good discussion about that versus his fears of bringing the plague home to us. He's riding out the vestiges of some rhinovirus in isolation and then definitely working next week.

Tessa's allegedly back at school so I need to edit that Minecrafting video so there's something for her teachers. As well as getting her back on to the remote schooling site to see what, if anything, is what.

It's all pants and wuzgunnas, but at least I have started another sanity project to keep my muse occupado in between managing crises. Some photos will be happening on my Patreon. Tomorrow.