Challenge #02658-G101: Doing All They Can

The escape pod came down hard. The small crew of havenworlders, and the one human, now on an unfamiliar planet. The planet, itself, was more or less safe enough except for one tiny thing. The same explosion that had crippled the ship, caused by odd electrical storms the planet periodically suffered sending lightning sprites into the air, also had caused flash-burns across the human's face, they couldn't see. The medic cleaned the injury and wrapped bandage around the human's face, but the human now made a request of his crewmates. For them to be his eyes, so everyone could get out of here alive. -- DaniAndShali

"Good news is, we survived." Human Kie liked to start with the good news. The great news, as far as the survivors were concerned, was that the Havenworlders among them had survived with minimal damages. Human Kie seemed to be well enough too... though something was wrong with the way they were interacting with the world.

Brii said, "What is the bad news?"

"The electrical storm and discharge messed my eyes up something chronic," said Human Kie. "I'm effectively blind until further notice." Humans used their eyes for most of their environment processing and subsequent interaction. "This is an unfamiliar, unsurveyed planet. Good news is that the scanners already said the most we have to worry about is the electrical storms and -uh- ball lightning."

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