A PLN of Action

So. We have a guest from the States who's due to fly south for the winter to do some technogeek stuff over there. I know not if they're coming back for another sleepover before they head home.

Either way, Beloved is taking them to the airport this AM so we're delayed in going off and seeking things to make the Kitty Kondo(tm) be real. That's fine. It lets me attempt to focus and make at minimum, this blog entry.

It's... not going well.

Two hours after I began... it's still short and I have no idea who is where in regards to our PLNs.

We gotta by staples. We gotta buy a post-hole digger [I swore we had one, but IDK...] and we gotta do things to the footprint so that we can finally construct this thing. I know there will be drilling and bolting going on. I know there will be stapling some netting to the frame... after we paint it so that it's secured against the elements.

I know we should also get nuts for the garden bed... Mostly because I lost a lot of those in the soil I shifted... Pretty sure they're cheaper than a metal detector.

Meh. I shall run a check on the house and then see about commencing an Instant for y'all. Stay tuned.