Challenge #02354-F164: Occupational Safety and Health

Humans don't know it but they acutely have a small connection to the 4th dimension.

Whenever a human gets a 'gut feeling' or 'deja vu' that's when they do it. -- Chara Dreemur

Three dimensions, all beings can navigate: length, depth, and width. The fourth, time, is something that moves us, and can be sensed by most[1]. What surprises many is the occasional ability to navigate the fourth dimension... partially. This ability inevitably turns up in Humans, but those infected with Human insanity have shown promise in being able to pick up the skill.

That being said, nobody has been able to navigate through time without significant assistance. What actually happens in the case of temporally adept Humans is... familiarity. Humans call it a 'gut feeling' or 'deja vu' or 'the colliwobbles'. Some investigation into the phenomenon has revealed that Humans can sense ahead of themselves on the time stream. It is, for the record, a rather vague sense and not always accurate.

Some have attempted to enhance these senses over generations, encouraging those who saw the future coming to both improve their own abilities and seek to breed with others who had similar success. Over generations, some could have accurate and semi-accurate visions. Some could avoid their own futures, but it always gave them a headache if they tried. Unfortunately, the temporally adept gene is unreliable in its manifestation.

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