A flying start?

Mayhem went back to sleep three times this morning. He's going to need an early night tonight or he won't be prepared for school tomorrow.

Lad's in for some interesting times.

Meanwhile, Chaos is raring to go. I last saw her in her uniform and last heard her doing a giggle run up and down the hallway. She's all ready, already. Hooray. It's my dear darling Eldest who has to take a dose of personal responsibility.

He's going to get a lecture. For sure.

After he finally appears to unfuck the vacant desk he's left behind from moving his compy rig into his room. I want things done before I go off on him.

Speaking of getting things done, I'm not going to enforce HAM until I get everything back into a routine and I know where I can fit it. I suspect the first thing to go will be evening entertainment with Critical Role.

I will focus narrowly on my writing for a week. Then re-branch out for the rest of the stuff and nonsense as I find the free time. Updates as the chaos ensues, my friends.