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Sleep Issues

A 8-post collection

Chedule change, wheeee

Today is a cleaning day. Because something went agley, I have no doubt.

I managed to cook up a very nice soup that got firkin vaccuumed up by the little darlings. And now I must ponder what to do for dinner tonight. That's cheap. And easy.

Because my sleep issues continueth.

I woke up at somewhere near midnight despite having some soothing tea and white noise on. Fitful sleep from there until long about five in the AM.

I am going to scour the house for any leftover sleep aid herbal supplements. Maybe if I take some St. John's Wort with that tea, I might actually sleep until some rational number in the AM.

I hate being this tired and strung out.

Caffeine does me no favours during the day because anxiety and caffeine don't mix very well. And because of the sleep issues, I need caffeine to survive on the roads.


And now it's time to watch for Chaos' bus.

All Hallows Day

Today is the day of little-known saints, random acts of kindness, and if you were out on the streets last night, sugar hangovers.

Miss Chaos had fun, and possibly too much sugar. The leftovers are tucked away for the next Unsuitable Food Friday. And I can only hope that my darling little brats don't sneak too much between then and now.

Today, three more chapters of the novel-in-progress go up on my Patreon and you can sign up to see that happening

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Slow start

Since nobody gets out of bed before 5:30 anyway, I'm re-setting my alarm to that time and not waking up early for half an hour of heartbreaking inertia. And that's all I have this morning. Inertia has me in its wicked claws today.

I woke up at around 3 and tried and failed to get back to sleep. A combo of Beloved's snoring and the various little annoying lights in the room kept me awake. The phone makes the body lotion

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::inchoate groan::

There is not enough coffee in my house to help me deal with today. There may not be enough coffee in the shops to help me deal with today. The world... might have enough coffee to help me deal with today.


Because I firkin woke up at midnight and had spotty sleep thereafter. Which does not do a damn thing to assist in my feelings towards peace, love, or your average mung bean.

That on top of the trip there and

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Payday! And other inconveniences

Made you look. The inconveniences of payday are that we have to pay all our outstanding bills before we get on with the business of paying for food and treats. Which is downright depressing.

BUT it's also going to keep us alive and chugging along, so whatever.

I'm thinking about adding a regular payment to my Dreams Fund so I'm not so frelling disheartened by it all, all the time. If I can just keep my hands off of it for consecutive

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Today's the day!

In just a few moments, I will be putting thought to words for my one thousand and second story. I have beat Scheherazade.

So of firkin course I've woken at 2AM and am in sore need of caffeine.

My sleep cycle needs training wheels. And my coffee needs so much sugar that I'll definitely loose my teeth. Argh.

Fuckit. I'm getting a cuppa.

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It's not FAIR!

I did everything right.

I took my sleep-aid.
I had my relax-o-tron on.
I made certain I was comfortable.
I knew I was tired…


It is NOT fair.

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