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Finding a New Swing

Getting into the swing of things has always been a major league hurdle for me. Holidays are when I drop one of the balls I have flying about and stop arting. However, my current project is inspiration enough to make me want to art. Finding the time is the problem.

My entire schedule normally revolves around the kids. Kids who are now in Scenic Coominya for some time-share with their Grandmother. So the time I reserve for arting - waiting for Miss Chaos to turn up via bus - no longer exists.

I found a viable substitute. Arting whilst I wait for Beloved to wake up after all the diverse alarms have woken me up. And I must say that I have made magnificent progress. Not only in fixing an error that became obvious after the fact, but also in creating something funky and interesting for some of the tricky bits.

I'm rather proud of myself.

I'm already plotting a few things for upcoming arting sessions. I'm loving this project. My art is not fabulous. I acknowledge this. On the other hand, I am having such fun that I almost don't care.

In fact - Mayhem nailed my art style a few days ago. "Mediocre Web Comic". Thanks, kiddo.

Also, I am going to have more than a few choice words to say over at my WordPress about the latest episode of Doctor Who. Mostly about Bury Your Gays and Kill The Black Guy. Watch out for that one. Links are in the menu.

But now, it is time for me to fetch money and go on an expedition for some nice foods. I'm planning a mostly-fresh Keto marinade with Coconut Amino in lieu of Soy Sauce [because GMod soy may be poisonous and we don't know it yet] and some fresh extras to make it super yummy.

I may even document it. Beware.

Hectic PLNs

My car is due for a service, today. BUT, because of scheduling issues and Beloved's workload being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... it gets convoluted.

  1. Beloved drives my car into the place to get it fixed
  2. Beloved catches usual lift to work
  3. I do the brat run as almost normal, with a borrowed car that I personally hate to drive.
  4. I drive to the place (with lappy on board)
  5. I babysit my car's fixing process
  6. I leave despised car in a parking space
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Moving forward

I figured it all out and now I have a Patreon Page. Sharp-eyed readers who come here will note that the menu has a new item, and you can pledge to support my flights of imagination.

Those who wish to see all the WIPs you can ingest can do so at a rate they can afford. Special rewards go out to those fans of mine who can afford more.

But for those of you who are itching to read Beauties and the

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Today's big ToDo is: Investigate Patreon.

Nobody's said a word about the thing, so I'm guessing that nobody has an objection about it. I'm terrified, despite the fact that I know damn well that the people sponsoring me on Patreon will be coming in as a trickle, not as a flood.

It's not as if I have a lot of people reading this blog anyway.

Yes, this URL is the hub for my everything, but... I get the increasing feeling that hardly

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Off I go again

This time, it's a much shorter trip to MeMum's to sort out whatever has fluffed up with her tech this time. I suspect she's forced a quit during an update and now everything's gone do-lally. Either that or a virus has managed to get past her antiviral thing and now she needs a purge.

I really hope it's the update thing. That's way easier to fix than the virus.

Either way, I am sorting out a lot of crap, today. Which means

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Off we pop

Headed back home to sunny Queensland, today. We've given ourselves until midday to shift on out of the place we're renting, and planned a leisurely toddle towards the Adelaide airport for the hurry-up-and-wait.

I am definitely making certain I have access to my headphones so I can listen to some good tunes1 all the way home.

And I will be extremely glad of my nice comfy home that doesn't creak ominously when you head off to one of the loos.


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Last full day in Morgan

There's nothing planned for today, but I would like to pop over to the museum, later on. I, for one, will be very glad to get back home to a bed that's actually comfortable to sleep in. Beloved will also be glad of that respite, I am sure.

Tomorrow, we pack everything up and get ready to exit Morgan, head to Adelaide airport, and do the whole hurry-up-and-wait noise all over again. All so we can return to our home so late

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Disruption to (ir)regular seervices

Yes, once again, life interferes with my PLNs. This time, it's getting into the inner circuit at Chaos' school so I can help with her learning at home. To that end, I'm turning up to assist at an excursion for her class.

Which means that most of this morning will be eaten up by Parenting instead of my usual faffing about on the internets.

I also have a NEW new keyboard with a programmable light interface :D Which means double the typos

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Best-laid PLNs

I had planned to get some spare change counted, on our travels yesterday. But the banks don't operate on weekends. On the plus side, I got a new keyboard and mouse out of it so that Beloved and I can play a better quality of game together. The downside is that the spiffy new keyboard won't work with a mac.


The mouse looks pretty awesome, though. I just wish I knew how to change all its colours according to my whims.

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Indulgance Day

Today is my day to go ham on the Guylian while they still remain. I've left a few for my little darlings, but once they're gone, they're gone.

Alas, delicious chocolate, I enjoyed it well.

Of course I saved the last Original Praline for the final taste of Guylian for my immediate future.

Today, after I'm done with my Instant and Blasts scheduling, I shall probably be spending a majority of my time with Beloved on WoW. It's our together time and

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Up to my eyes in it

So today is an interesting schedule. I have a plumber coming at an unspecified time. I have the cleaners coming. Both will want paying and I only have the cash for one of those people and I worry about that sort of thing.

Fortunately there are ATMs, and I definitely used the Suncorp account this morning. Huzzah. So after a short school run, I now have enough money for everyone including myself.

I also found out that the account I can access

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So much for plns

I had a nice, relaxing day mostly-at-home planned for myself, and like the best-laid plans of mice and man... they've gone agley.

The dude who mis-cut our window replacement now has the proper replacement ready. So I have to get all the heck way out there, measure it to check, and collect it. I also have to go get a parcel from North Lakes so that I can finally store all my rescue singles properly. Once they're cleaned and verified playable, of

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Good Friday

I have nothing much at all planned for today, beyond writing today's Instant and the thousand words that allow me to slack off for the remainder of the weekend.

Beloved is at home, too, and I have faith that this will allow the new window-filler to go in and the mouldy old piece of fibreboard to get exiled to a hell where it belongs go out. Which should (note the qualifier) help improve my overall health and also help eliminate the morning

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Day of Rest

I've had an entire week of running about. An entire week of fetching, hassles, setbacks, fetching, going, et cetera. I just want to spend an entire day of slobbing about.

But of course we have plans to fix a window above an AC unit. We filled in the space above the AC with fibreboard [which I said was a bad idea and Beloved said was protected by the roof] and is now slowly rotting into an unhealthy mess because cyclone season.


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Big day ahead

I'm taking my little darlings off to Scenic Coominya for the first week of the holidays. Which is a big, long-arse drive for me.

With luck, I might get Beloved to drive, which will be a break.

But that's pretty much all I have planned for today. Y'know. Apart from the whole story thing that will be happening later.

If I'm really lucky, I'll get to clean and then listen to one of my rescue albums.

The kids are going to be

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