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Tech Support Today

I wear a lot of hats, some days. Primary Parental duties take care of most of them, but there's also the whole author/illustrator/sometimes-musician thing going on.

I'm a video editor, low-level IT expert, and occasional therapist as well. In my spare time.

And lately, I've been teaching myself how to use Adobe Animate. Fun stuff.

And I have a LOT of ideas on the back-burner. I have so much back-burner it's amazing I even have a front-burner. I get most of those things done. Eventually.

Today, though, I'm headed off to MeMum's now that Mayhem just has a Lurgi and not the Plague. She has a printer to tame and, I have no doubt, things to obtain that could use the help of my car.

I haven't shared much of the latest arting, lately. I'm working on Love, the butterfly, which will be one of my very rare frame-by-frame things. Currently, there's not much in the way of arting, because it's copying the wing layers and buggerising around with the magic arrow. That's not art, in my mind. That's jiggery-pokery. I finesse the downstroke and copy-flip for the other side of the wing motion. When it's Done, I'll post a gif.

But I have a story to write and, I hope, not much in the way of spacing out.

Slow-ish start

It's the weekend, and despite our best-laid PLNs to finish tidying up the yard rubbish, it's almost 11AM and my Beloved has yet to get out of bed.

Not that I'm enamoured of heavy lifting, per se, but I'd rather get the onerous stuff over with, you know?

But I have done my Instant first and I plan to nudge Beloved after I'm done with the advertising cycle.

Beloved's doing a three-day fast, starting yesterday. That's their pln. For the uninitiated, fasting

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Relative lassitude

Completely forgot about a parental/teacher talk, yesterday. A process that involved me derping about it and then a mad dash up to Chaos' school to talk about stuff in relation to her education.

Since they're doing poetry and rhyming, I was able to sell Steam Powered Giraffe to one of the teachers there. I might be making some more fans, sometime soon.

It'll be so much fun to have someone to nerd out with.

Today, for a change, I have nothing

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Another busy day

Visiting relatives. In an effort to prevent the day-after colliwobbles, I'm packing my own food and drink. Two bottles of filtered water. Two bottles of Keto Sports. Boiled eggs. Cheese. And some chicken if Chaos hasn't devoured it all.

If not, there should be some salami sticks left.

If not that, then I'm just going to have cheese and eggs all firkin day. I'll see what veggies we have and do something with them so I can have fibre. This won't be

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Can't really indulge my desire to space out and chillax, today. Today, I am MeMum's transit system on the quest for curtains.

Australia's arsehole tax laws declare that, if you get a pension or are retired, they will tax you on what they reckon you've got if you're over a certain limit. This is called 'deeming' and seems to be based entirely on what a smart rich person who knows how to evade taxes completely would do with that amount of money.

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PLNs, Disasters, and other mishaps

This weekend, I had PLNs to clear out the garage at long firkin last. I also have PLNs to visit MeMum and sort out a few things over there.

So of course Beloved gets a lurgi and MeMum says wait until tomorrow.

Never mind, though. I have slightly more time to do the Instant, and faff about a little before everyone wakes up. Which, in this case, means watching YouTube and colouring in more frames for my Sleep Evil Sleep project.


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Not stopping

I'm just about run off my bum, today.

I have a corner to unfuck, which I will be doing on the 20-10 plan with a side order of Keep-Pass-Toss. Both of these are very useful unfucking strategies which I will explain below.


Basically, you sort your one pile of crap into three smaller piles:

  1. Keep for whatever reason
  2. Pass it along (donate somewhere or freecycle or ebay it)
  3. Toss it out

Three smaller piles are easier to deal with than one

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Semi-big plns

I'm unfucking Mayhem's room, today, which involves shifting a set of drawers so that random crap doesn't fall between it and the wall ever again. I expect to be suitably ratted by the end of the day.

Especially since this is Wednesday and also Rowing Day.

I definitely have to slow down my writing for a bit of a while, or do voice-to-text (which sucks arse) because my wrists are acting up again. It's possibly a deficiency in something that will likely

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I have half an hour...

And 90% of my shit is definitely not done. Thanks to a very busy weekend, there's crap on the counter that should have been put away, stuff that should have been washed, and a fine layer of dust from when I haven't wiped it all down.

And I have half an hour to make a story happen or y'all have to wait until the afternoon.

Thanks to a visit to Mum-in-law, I have asthma creeping up on me. She's very much anti-keto

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I can do this... I think

Friday's a big day for me, now. Huge. Some things have to wait and it's usually the stuff that involves copying and pasting.

Today's agenda:

  • Blog
  • Schedule my Blasts From the Past
  • Instant Story
  • 1000 words for the novel
  • Patreon thing
  • FOUR HOURS OF CLEANING [with potential for more asthma. Huzzah.]

Ever since I let myself relax with WordPress, it's been slightly easier for me, but there's still the guilt if I don't get every little thing done.

And I know I

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Finding a New Swing

Getting into the swing of things has always been a major league hurdle for me. Holidays are when I drop one of the balls I have flying about and stop arting. However, my current project is inspiration enough to make me want to art. Finding the time is the problem.

My entire schedule normally revolves around the kids. Kids who are now in Scenic Coominya for some time-share with their Grandmother. So the time I reserve for arting - waiting for Miss

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Hectic PLNs

My car is due for a service, today. BUT, because of scheduling issues and Beloved's workload being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... it gets convoluted.

  1. Beloved drives my car into the place to get it fixed
  2. Beloved catches usual lift to work
  3. I do the brat run as almost normal, with a borrowed car that I personally hate to drive.
  4. I drive to the place (with lappy on board)
  5. I babysit my car's fixing process
  6. I leave despised car in a parking space
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Moving forward

I figured it all out and now I have a Patreon Page. Sharp-eyed readers who come here will note that the menu has a new item, and you can pledge to support my flights of imagination.

Those who wish to see all the WIPs you can ingest can do so at a rate they can afford. Special rewards go out to those fans of mine who can afford more.

But for those of you who are itching to read Beauties and the

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Today's big ToDo is: Investigate Patreon.

Nobody's said a word about the thing, so I'm guessing that nobody has an objection about it. I'm terrified, despite the fact that I know damn well that the people sponsoring me on Patreon will be coming in as a trickle, not as a flood.

It's not as if I have a lot of people reading this blog anyway.

Yes, this URL is the hub for my everything, but... I get the increasing feeling that hardly

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Off I go again

This time, it's a much shorter trip to MeMum's to sort out whatever has fluffed up with her tech this time. I suspect she's forced a quit during an update and now everything's gone do-lally. Either that or a virus has managed to get past her antiviral thing and now she needs a purge.

I really hope it's the update thing. That's way easier to fix than the virus.

Either way, I am sorting out a lot of crap, today. Which means

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