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Best Laid Plans Gone Agley

The nice lady who usually comes and gets my arse in gear with the cleaning has Lurgi and won't be around. Which means I have to get my arse in gear without her.

Not fun.

I have to find some nice yarn for MeMum when the local Big W doesn't stock her brand any more. And I'll be doing tech support this weekend. Perhaps with a family visit on the side.

The ginger garlic chicken soup frelling works to keep the Lurgi at bay. I'm'a be living on that today. With real cream chunks stirred in.

And those of you who follow my AO3 account may have noticed that I'm posting a WIP. It's because the actual arc is slated to end soon and I wanted to get in before the new flavour takes over.

I'm posting the next chapter now.

Three big days in a row

I did the quack thing yesterday. Huzzah for me.

I'm doing the shrink thing today. More attempts to sort out where the hell I am and what's going on with this whole procrastination mess and why I've been panicking inside my head for like... months.

And tomorrow... Tomorrow, oh tomorrow... I brave myself up and take that firkin blood test thing and myself out to get all the LDLs counted.

All stressful things for me. All taxing my capabilities. All draining my

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Bit in the butt

Remember how I said my procrastination would bite me in the butt? It has.

My shrink appointment's tomorrow and I had not gone to the quack since my last one. And I need a mental health plan to continue seeing my shrink.

The thing I've been dragging my feet over is that I also need my blood checked for cholesterols. I have the kit, but I really don't want to find out the lengths I have to go to in order to

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A whole lot of nothing planned

It's the weekend. And it's finally a day where nothing is expected of me. So that's exactly what I have planned.

A little story. A little self-shill. And then a whole bunch of lolling about and catching up with my rest.

And possibly finishing up one of the many epic fanfics I have lying about.

But first... I should really try to focus on my actual work for today. Sooner started. Sooner done. Sooner off and having fun.

I have one more

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Traineeship Day!

Mayhem is headed off for an entire day of learning and effort. And I woke up at 3AM again. Bleh.

I didn't do the tea or the white noise, but I now have a supply of St John's Wort that helped me get a better quality of rest for the rest I got.

Which is... good.

I have no plans for the weekend. So after I'm done with the story, I shall probably spend large portions of my time where I can

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All Hallows Day

Today is the day of little-known saints, random acts of kindness, and if you were out on the streets last night, sugar hangovers.

Miss Chaos had fun, and possibly too much sugar. The leftovers are tucked away for the next Unsuitable Food Friday. And I can only hope that my darling little brats don't sneak too much between then and now.

Today, three more chapters of the novel-in-progress go up on my Patreon and you can sign up to see that happening

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FUBARs, PLNs and apologies

Something went drastically wrong with Steemit, yesterday. And I can only hope that it's not an ongoing something.

What happened was, whenever I tried to initiate a new post, the form would pop up with my last post. The last thing I had written live on Steemit.

And I was terrified I would be editing that out of existence, so I didn't touch that noise.

The good news is that I found a work-around by scheduling that post with the queued stuff.

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Plns, Stresses, and Distractions

PLN: Go to see Thor: Ragnarok tonight with Beloved.

Stress: Getting back on the agent hunt with low hopes and grim determination

Distractions: The frequently afforementioned gorgeous arsehole of an elf with a tortured past. And writing said tortured past in glorious gut-wrenching detail.

What I also have PLN'd is finishing up the details on the cover for Beauties and the Beastly, a task that will happen this afternoon because the morning sun makes visibility on my iPad Pro supremely difficult. I

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Slippery fingers

My fingers slipped, yesterday morning, and an entire character study fell out and onto the internets. People freaking love it. One hundred and twenty four folks have given it kudos inside of twenty-four hours. That's a little bit less than five folks an hour. Wow.

My fingers slipped again, further on in the day, but Beloved and I were having a Day of Nothing. We basically spent a majority of our waking hours playing Feed the Beast, which is a suite of

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Hocus pocus

I seriously need to focus. No looking up new material on my problematic fave. No attempting to write more fanfic about that selfsame asshole elf.

I'm writing today's story, and then I'm off to MeMum's for some tech support folderol.

Which is hard for me.

I've already shut down all the tempting windows so that I can keep my mind in the wheelhouse. But I have rapidly-multiplying plotbunnies and they're all so shiny... I want to succumb to that temptation.

But that

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One Day of Nothing

After I've done the whole Instant Story thing and the sales shill for this week, I have nothing planned.

That special kind of nothing where you just slouch around in your pajamjams all day and do whatever the fuck you want. Nap, watch horrible tv. Firkin shitpost about your favourite fictional arsehole1 whilst also writing some angstfic. You know. The fun nothing.

Meanwhile, my Beloved didn't come home from work, last night, and I'm officially worried. It's probably a combo of

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Making my mind up

I think I'm going to get some Steam Powered Apparel. The conversion to USD and postage fees ought to take care of one shirt. So of course I'm getting the one with the band logo on it.

I'm going to be making time to produce a print version of _Amity Incident. I should have enough time to do that if I can focus enough to get my daily work out of the way.

Which is a challenge for me, I get it.

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Apologies and PLNs

First up, I forgot to publish yesterday's free story teaser. Whoops. Y'all knew about it from Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, and Pillowfort anyhow. Right?

Well. Not Pillowfort, because it's still in Beta and I have zero followers. If you're on there, please follow me. Soon as it's properly released, I'll add the link over on my site menu.

I got a bad review for Comes Around. I missed the mark in big ways, according to them. Their opinion. And face it, what

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2 days to my birthday

Turning 45. Ageing disgracefully. I may yet be a senile delinquent, time will tell.

What I'd really love from my dear followers is FANART. I'm not allowed to read any fanfictions I might have sparked. Unless it's a fic inspired by one of my other fanfics, in which case, that's cool. So if you have an artistic side and a load of spare time, go for it, post that mofo, and firkin tag me so I can ogle that beauty at my

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Of Mice and Me

This is not just a household rodent problem, though we do have one. I've spotted a minimum of one wee sleekit timorous beastie scuttling between hiding places and I plan to do something about it when I have money again.

Yesterday, I had plans to go and fetch my youngest from Scenic Coominya. Beloved had taken a day off and everything. Alas, Capt S had other plans that involved KIABIL and today. So we were told not to come at all.


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