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Busy Busy

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Beloved's Day Off

We have PLNs to go get a few things, so that means that we'll probably be out all day. Because we follow the Leyland's Tour philosophy of getting a few things.

It starts with a light cover for our bedroom ceiling, and a bin for Chaos as well as Beloved. Then we'll think of a few more things while we're out. Maybe get lunch. Maybe see a movie. Maybe pick up some vinyl...

And before we know it it's after dark and we bring home a dinner.

Mayhem is old enough to be home on his own and to look after Chaos when we pop out. And they don't know how to invite the world over for rowdy parties so we're all good there.

Plus, I've made provisions to ensure that there's plenty for both during our adventures.

But of course I'll be watching the time anyway. I don't like not being home for my little darlings. This is all just in case our adventure takes us further than we anticipated.

...and it already includes a movie. Firkin called it.

Now Firkin What?

Mayhem has caught the local bug, and the soonest doctor's appointment is tomorrow.

Adding to that fun is a Cleaner's Day. On the other hand, I don't have to do a brat run so I have an extra hour to do the writing stuff.

This weekend promises to be packed as both grandparentals want visiting and at least one of those visits is tech support. I might have to take Capt S. up on her offer for me to go visit MeMum

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Charging off again.

This time, I'm running about because (a) I found my iWatch after months of searching and (b) the thing's been on its charger for days and yet (c) just won't frelling take in any power.

So I have to make a pilgrimage to the nearest Apple store [Chermside] and hang around until someone deigns to see me about the bloody thing.

On the plus side, I guess I can price a new compy while I'm there. Even though, at the current rate

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Run, Nutter, Run

Today in bullet points:

  • The people who were going to pick up the skip... haven't.
  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Instant Story
  • 1000 words
  • Patreon posts
  • And trying to unfuck the animation in progress

I may need to get Beloved's help with the last one. I have shot #5 in the can, shot #6 is barrelling along at Warp 10. And all that's hanging me up is shot farging #4 not firkin working.

Time to run.

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Even Mor Busy

[AN: This was yesterday's slice of life that somehow didn't get published when I clicked "publish now". You can see why I didn't notice.]

Let's see now...

  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Fetch coconut balsamic
  • Prep dinner [done!]
  • Instant story
  • Blog [in progress]
  • 500 words
  • Patreon rewards
  • Next shot for SESP
  • Teacher interviews at Mayhem's school

...and absolutely NO time for myself, today.

Did get Beloved to promise to sort out the boxes in the kitchen hallway. I have my sights firmly on

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I didn't wanna...

Didn't wanna get up, but I got up.

Didn't wanna organise the kids, but I organised them.

Didn't wanna get going, but I got going.

And now I don't wanna do the brat run, vinnies run, two hours of cleaning and unfucking, instant story, blast scheduling, one thousand words, and the Patreon stuff. But I gotta do it anyway.

This weekend promises to be some form of interesting. We have a bigger skip to fill and the shit scattered on the patio

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Mor busy

  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Doctor's appointment

And then I can get on with writing and animating SESP, drawing more SESP, and maybe even having some time to myself to fart around a bit.

I did get as far as some basic calculations using Quicktime and the time stamps and a lot of math. Today, I'll see how well that went.

The process for finding this out is:

  1. Export flash file
  2. Play flash file
  3. If perfect, stop, else goto 4
  4. Scream in anguish
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More running around

This time, it's for me. I'm finally checking my blood for all lipids after literal months of procrastination.

Also getting medication.

After that, I have to find out what's happening with the skip, because the one that we got yesterday is already full.

And there's still literal piles of garbage in our yard.

I have no idea what we're going to do about that.

I am whittling down the things we're donating one load at a time during the brat run. If

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Another busy day

Visiting relatives. In an effort to prevent the day-after colliwobbles, I'm packing my own food and drink. Two bottles of filtered water. Two bottles of Keto Sports. Boiled eggs. Cheese. And some chicken if Chaos hasn't devoured it all.

If not, there should be some salami sticks left.

If not that, then I'm just going to have cheese and eggs all firkin day. I'll see what veggies we have and do something with them so I can have fibre. This won't be

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Can I breathe now?

This morning was havok.

I'm still doing Chaos' hair up in a series of chained topsy tails in order to prevent little creatures. And that segmenting, combing, and topsy-ing takes a fair whack out of my warning.

Getting Beloved to help out on a regular day is not exactly effective.

This morning, Mayhem showed me a fuckoff huge hole that he had in his pants. Right in the crotch zone. He'd popped the seam -I'm not asking how- so it was theoretically

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Now I can fill you in

First - I didn't get into the garage, yesterday. Second, I had a SNAFU with the funds.

As not precisely detailed, previously, the money didn't quite come into the bank on time. I believe it made it later on in the night. I had plans to get some boxes to organise the garage contents. And no money.

Fortunately, some investigating revealed the carer's allowance landed in my other bank account and I had plenty enough to get that and have grocery money

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Brief message and an embuggerance

I have to see my shrink today and work out whatever the shit is going wrong with my brain this week. I don't think I'll ever be cured of my anxiety. I'll just find ways around the whole deal.

And speaking of ways around stuff... It turns out that the 2009 print of Steam Powered Giraffe's Album One is still in the no-touchie class of their music because of the recent re-release. It would have been nice to know this in advance.

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I almost forgot to blog here. Can't disappoint my two viewers from a snapshot of my disorganised life.

Yesterday, we packed up and then shifted out a HUGE amount of ex-clothing. From too small, to too large, to just plain too many... we got rid of it all. And it's an immense relief to have that noise the hell out of my house.

Decluttering is hard work for a hoarder. But it also has the benefit of adding a larger fasting window

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