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Busy Busy

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Counting Down

I need to make sure I have The Stuff(tm) to make the semi-fancy desserts I have planned for the yule feast. I need to make sure I have oranges, eggs, cream, nuts, dried fruits, little containers for the aforementioned desserts. A clean firkin table...


And next week, it's YULE!

Thank the Powers that fortune smiled upon me enough to have my dang novel finished before the Big Rush. So now I don't have to fret about doing my five hundred before the end of the day.

I do have to fret about the house being at least halfway presentable in a week or less, but that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

I suspect I'm going to have to rush and conglomerate all of Beloved's unsorted sorting into one heap in the garage and hope that it doesn't cause another firkin mountain.

I'm getting sick of Beloved maintaining the status quo and inertia until I firkin snap about it.

But... today, I need money. And it's a cleaning day. And I have my lovely little Miss Chaos back to just... fuel the fires of potential disaster.

And, budget depending, I have to get the kids to get us something as well. Bleh.

You get a story whenever I'm done with everything else.

Another fabulous workday

Mayhem is due for another fine day of his traineeship. I am overdue for Yuletide shopping.

I have some squirrelings from previous weeks, but I gotta say it is not looking that great for the gift front. Plus practically my entire family is difficult to shop for.

And I should really lay in a supply of diet fizzy water for the feast. And hide it somewhere or the kids will drink it all in less than a day.

Today's story will be

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You know that philosophy, "Do one thing a day that frightens you"?


This has been an entire week of doing one thing a day that frightens me, and I am worn the feck out.

  • Monday - Doctor's visit.
  • Tuesday - Shrink visit.
  • Wednesday - visit to the clinic to get a blood test that was foxed because I didn't read the firkin instructions.
  • Thursday - swimming in the ocean with Miss Chaos, who likes to go deep. And my aquaphobic
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Big day

Assisting Chaos' field trip for what seems like is going to be a majority of the day. So my Instant may be late.

Apologies in advance, but family always comes first.

And I don't have a great deal of time to try doing it now, either. So be warned.

Mayhem is falling under the influence of Lurgi, and I need to get the kid some more sugar-free ginger ale. Fortunately, that is cheap at Aldi's. Yay.

He's not feverish enough to keep

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Another trainee day

Mayhem is going to be making his own game. Or at least pitching one. I can't reveal the details because people will flog any idea off the internet that sounds cool. And I want Mayhem to have some success on this.

I have a long-arse drive, there and back, twice, to deal with. And that's going to take at least one can of caffeine.

And on the second leg, I am definitely bringing my lappy so I can work on things whilst

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Back-to school rush plus cleaning day.

It's all sideways.

Birthday tomorrow. Chaos has a dental visit. I have PLNs for all sorts of promo crap.

I'm busy as shit.


The cleaners cancelled, so I had some time to do some shopping. I still have a lot of cleaning to do because of my PLNs to make delicious things.

And I got my own birthday cake into the bargain.

The much-gassed-about hazlenut praline "muffins" are going to come to fruition today. If

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Slow Progress and Updatey Promises

It's cleaning day, so that means that anything I post will likely be posted in the afternoon.

I will be attempting to post a progress speedpaint of the cover-so-far for Beauties and the Beastly. That's going to be... "fun".

Also in the "fun" pile is unriddling what the flip is wrong with the latest animated shot for SESP. I might have to brute force that mofo or something. That's probably not happening until tomorrow.

Also, all art is slowed because my time

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Okay, so Chaos has a fun run event at her school, I have the cleaners coming, and I have seven minutes before I have to go out and watch for the bus.

Don't expect a story before this afternoon.

I have 1000 words to write, which will happen after everything else, and my $20 patrons will have the finish of the last chapter and the beginnings of a new chapter to read! WOW!

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My plate overfloweth

Which is a fancy way of saying I have a lot on my plate. I haven't even sat down to my email, yet, and it's gone ten AM.

Tonight's dinner is spagbol with zoodles instead of spaghetti. Stage one of which is making the tomato sauce. Which meant getting buttloads of tomatoes [2kg] and slow cooking them in vinegar with sweeteners and herbs. Once they break down, I'll blitz them and add the mince.

I've already got the cleaning 90% done.


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Beloved's Day Off

We have PLNs to go get a few things, so that means that we'll probably be out all day. Because we follow the Leyland's Tour philosophy of getting a few things.

It starts with a light cover for our bedroom ceiling, and a bin for Chaos as well as Beloved. Then we'll think of a few more things while we're out. Maybe get lunch. Maybe see a movie. Maybe pick up some vinyl...

And before we know it it's after dark and

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Now Firkin What?

Mayhem has caught the local bug, and the soonest doctor's appointment is tomorrow.

Adding to that fun is a Cleaner's Day. On the other hand, I don't have to do a brat run so I have an extra hour to do the writing stuff.

This weekend promises to be packed as both grandparentals want visiting and at least one of those visits is tech support. I might have to take Capt S. up on her offer for me to go visit MeMum

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Charging off again.

This time, I'm running about because (a) I found my iWatch after months of searching and (b) the thing's been on its charger for days and yet (c) just won't frelling take in any power.

So I have to make a pilgrimage to the nearest Apple store [Chermside] and hang around until someone deigns to see me about the bloody thing.

On the plus side, I guess I can price a new compy while I'm there. Even though, at the current rate

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Run, Nutter, Run

Today in bullet points:

  • The people who were going to pick up the skip... haven't.
  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Instant Story
  • 1000 words
  • Patreon posts
  • And trying to unfuck the animation in progress

I may need to get Beloved's help with the last one. I have shot #5 in the can, shot #6 is barrelling along at Warp 10. And all that's hanging me up is shot farging #4 not firkin working.

Time to run.

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Even Mor Busy

[AN: This was yesterday's slice of life that somehow didn't get published when I clicked "publish now". You can see why I didn't notice.]

Let's see now...

  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Fetch coconut balsamic
  • Prep dinner [done!]
  • Instant story
  • Blog [in progress]
  • 500 words
  • Patreon rewards
  • Next shot for SESP
  • Teacher interviews at Mayhem's school

...and absolutely NO time for myself, today.

Did get Beloved to promise to sort out the boxes in the kitchen hallway. I have my sights firmly on

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I didn't wanna...

Didn't wanna get up, but I got up.

Didn't wanna organise the kids, but I organised them.

Didn't wanna get going, but I got going.

And now I don't wanna do the brat run, vinnies run, two hours of cleaning and unfucking, instant story, blast scheduling, one thousand words, and the Patreon stuff. But I gotta do it anyway.

This weekend promises to be some form of interesting. We have a bigger skip to fill and the shit scattered on the patio

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