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Challenge #01694-D233: They Aren't the Champions

Something nice about all those who will never be champions but compete and play sport, and love it. -- Anon Guest

They say, do what you love, and you will never need to work again. This only really works if one is good at the thing one loves. There are people, out there, who are absolute pants at the thing they love. But they do it anyway, because love is, as the song says, strange.

Case in point, the Arse End Football Club. Named by the instigator and chief pants-level player, Ambassador Shayde, of course. It's allegedly named after the location of the playing field, near the dry docks' end of the station, which also resembles the tail end of a fish if one squints correctly. But most who have joined realise and recognise that it's also named for their playing ability. But none of that matters.

Because it's something they love.

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Well, shit

Or, in this case, no shit. Chaos has the Keto Clogs and convincing her to take the guaranteed-to-work Pink Drink is an uphill battle.

I'll be looking into everything I can do to help her out, today. But first...

Today's the last day we've got to talk re-enrollment for Mayhem's year eleven, and the only time slot is this morning. So I have Chaos in my trail whilst we talk proper schooling with Mayhem and the people whose job it is to

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Challenge #01693-D232: The Most Dangerous Opponent

"You can’t hold a grudge forever"

“I’m not ‘holding a grudge’, I’m making decisions based on past evidence.” -- RecklessPrudence

"The humans are going to destroy all your careful plans," said the old general. "These are members of a species that coined the phrase, 'no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy'. You could try to learn from that."

The war council turned to stare and General Gerax. He was the last one to famously lose to the

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Sideways, again!

Did the story before I did my blogging. Derp.

On the plus side, this morning marks the first where I can do something that I haven't done since I began Keto. Yes, folks, I finally dipped my bread in my soup.

Of course, it's Keto-friendly coconut 'bread', and my usual cream of egg drop chicken noodle soup, but it's been so long. I love it.

Art work on shot #6 of SESP is finished, and commenced on shot #7 with barely a

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Challenge #01692-D231: Items of Mass Destruction

It was hard not to admire a four-year-old who could disassemble a hygiene unit into so many pieces it took three engineers most of a duty shift to put it back together. -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the destructive items that humanity has in its collective repertoire, the two that cause the most amazement and confoundment are: the average pants pocket, and their own young. Left unsupervised, they can cause more chaos, destruction, and all-out-entropy than the tools actively designed to do so.

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Made the bread. Everything about it was unexpected. It looks and tastes a lot like bran bread, which means I will need a little something-something to make it not taste like bran bread. Or at least make the brannishness be tolerable.

The loaf we have is still moist, so that's good. The cold loaf does not taste like dry cardboard, at least.

Experiments will begin either today or tomorrow. I have a feeling I could turn this "bread" into a cake-like object

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Challenge #01691-D230: Dangerous Lifeforms

[Name] wondered if considering that statement to be a fine example of famous last words made them unduly paranoid or just conscious of historical precedent. -- RecklessPrudence

There are numerous, common, famous last words. "I think it's going to be all right," is in the top ten. Likewise, "Hold my beer, I've got this," or, "Hey, watch this!" But of the all-time destined-to-be-last-words, Grax thought that, "Awright, silleh bugurz..." had to be a record-holder for the first prize.

Especially when it came

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I'm just easily distractible today. I just spent half an hour educating Tumblr on why Australia even has Road Trivia. Instead of, you know, doing my job.

Writing actually requires the person doing it to drift off into lala land. The problem is, this can happen without any writing happening at all.

And today, my goal in life is to get a "What the fuck, Australia?" type tag or reblog. Because those give me life.

Aussies love laughing at unsuspecting non-Australians. It's

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Challenge #01690-D229: Problems of Scale

"Lets poke it and see what it does?" famous last words or an eureka moment. -- Anon Guest

There is nothing so large and so terrifying that a human won't try to poke it. - Galactic Proverb.

Of all the terrors of the universe, black holes have to be the one that holds a universal horror. Nobody with any sense wants to be anywhere near a black hole. So, of course, humanity figured out how to get a station in a LaGrange

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I'm okay!

...for limited definitions of 'okay'. The Keto Clogs have passed, all thanks to a fine product called Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease. It's a magnesium-based sugar-free sports drink and, because of its overall taste and hue, I call it "The Pink Drink".

It is pink, it tastes of pink, and my brain is too uncomplicated to remember Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease for very long.

What I can remember is that it is very, very good at moving things along.

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Challenge #01689-D228: Unfortunate Blindness of Today

Nitpicking the small faults and details and eroding the Grand Design. -- Anon Guest

There was no doubt that it was beautiful. Sweeping curves and soaring arches. Every surface in the simulated model glittered with solar panels. Plants hung from gardens on every floor. Wind turbines adorned the rooftops.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and anyone I missed," announced the designer, "I give you the residence structure of tomorrow. We can build this with extant technology, and improve the city environment one building at a

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Friday again?

Yesterday was Chaos' sports carnival. She wore out at roughly midday and I got to take her home, but she gave it the best try she had and that's all that matters.

Plus it was wicked hot and that always takes it out of my side of the family. Worst day to wear all black. Ouch.

I'm still weary from it and I was just walking around and filming bits of it.

Which is going to make today fun. Because it's Cleaning

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Challenge #01688-D227: Race to the End of the World

People come and go, the christening you bless will be the funeral you mourn in less than a century. But people keep saying “I love you”, that has to count for something. -- Anon Guest

"Why, though?" complained Holly. "Why does anything mean anything? It's all... it's all for nothing, in the end."

The Doctor sat by her. "I'm two and a half thousand years old. I've seen worlds born. I've seen worlds die. The same for civilisations. And people. The same

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Ow My Butt

I've got another episode of the Keto Clogs, which is an indicator of magnesium deficiency plus too much cheese. The ensuite has become a torture chamber for me, alas. And sitting down is literally a pain.

The good news is that the blockage is moving. The bad news is that it's moving glacially slow, and it firkin hurts.

For fellow sufferers of the Keto Clogs, magnesium definitely helps.

In other, more sanitised news, Miss Chaos is having a sports day, so today's

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Challenge #01687-D226: The City of Ghosts

"The priests and holy-men, they claim those things out there are the restless ghosts of dead gods."

"And what do you think?"

"I'm not so sure they're ghosts." -- Anon Guest

They called this land the Dead Plains. The grasses grew high, but trees would not. Neither deer nor cow would voluntarily graze on the grasses, here. Even horses, an animal universally recognised as rather dim, would not walk into the preternatural flatness of the Dead Plains. And worse, it was fresh

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