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Finding a New Swing

Getting into the swing of things has always been a major league hurdle for me. Holidays are when I drop one of the balls I have flying about and stop arting. However, my current project is inspiration enough to make me want to art. Finding the time is the problem.

My entire schedule normally revolves around the kids. Kids who are now in Scenic Coominya for some time-share with their Grandmother. So the time I reserve for arting - waiting for Miss Chaos to turn up via bus - no longer exists.

I found a viable substitute. Arting whilst I wait for Beloved to wake up after all the diverse alarms have woken me up. And I must say that I have made magnificent progress. Not only in fixing an error that became obvious after the fact, but also in creating something funky and interesting for some of the tricky bits.

I'm rather proud of myself.

I'm already plotting a few things for upcoming arting sessions. I'm loving this project. My art is not fabulous. I acknowledge this. On the other hand, I am having such fun that I almost don't care.

In fact - Mayhem nailed my art style a few days ago. "Mediocre Web Comic". Thanks, kiddo.

Also, I am going to have more than a few choice words to say over at my WordPress about the latest episode of Doctor Who. Mostly about Bury Your Gays and Kill The Black Guy. Watch out for that one. Links are in the menu.

But now, it is time for me to fetch money and go on an expedition for some nice foods. I'm planning a mostly-fresh Keto marinade with Coconut Amino in lieu of Soy Sauce [because GMod soy may be poisonous and we don't know it yet] and some fresh extras to make it super yummy.

I may even document it. Beware.

Flying Wuzgunnas

My best-laid plans go agley so regularly that I have a term for it. Wuzgunna. As in, I wuzgunna do that, but something else intervened.

  • Wuzgunna visit MeMum, but she said don't because lurgi
  • Wuzgunna write a long thinkpiece, but I slept on my wrist wrong and have to be careful with myself
  • Wuzgunna go out shopping for a few things, but now I can't be arsed.

As you can see, a Wuzgunna can have any range of things that stop it

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Abrupt change of plns

I had little more exciting planned for today than taking Mayhem to EB Games and then finding a comfy seat for an hour or two while Mayhem went all over that shop like a rash and making up his dang mind.

But the best laid plans of me are gang aft agley.

Capt S. wants the grandkids TODAY, so that means running around, a four-hour round trip, and possibly another stop in Boronia Heights to deliver a care package to MeMum.


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Can I find time?

I have given myself a mountain to chip away.

  • A mountain of laundry
  • A mountain of cleaning
  • A mountainous amount of writing about things
  • And of course the usual day-to-day stuff that clogs my schedule.

There's a thing to learn about at Chaos' school, which is going to steal time from my other shit, and I have loads of stuff.

And I still need time to recharge.

Today is going to be "fun". Story is going to be late. I'm very busy.

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We saw the latest Transformers movie

Beloved is a fan of some really unfortunate stuff. Alas, alack.

And because Michael Bay's stuff is so damn forgettable, I gave myself the task of counting every single blatant boob shot in the film, or when a female character's body got otherwise sexualised on screen. Thanks to Bay's love of Pervy Cam, I counted fifty nine shots where either of the two female characters were sexualised.

And this included a (clearly) underaged girl. She got six tittie shots and an uncounted

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Yesterday was disaster time. Especially in the evening.

  • Knocked myself sideways trying to create order out of the chaos that is our spare room
  • All fucking day
  • Was only able to get that day's Instant in during the time that our lovely cleaner person had to go and rescue her daughter.
  • Fucked up at least one public post linking to it by linking to one that I'd done earlier -_-
  • Pretty much immediately had to fetch Mayhem by the time the
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So let's recap my weekend:

  • Slept most of Saturday
  • Getting over gut greeblies
  • The best part of Sunday tweaking the timing in SESP
  • Rage and frustration at the above
  • Finally posting SESP so far

...and this morning, it's blocked. Boo. Because copyright.

This now marks the SECOND time that I have kindly asked for permission to use the song in a thing. I'll send them an official email as well.

I'm not bothered because it was less than a minute of video

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Whoopsy again

I didn't do a gosh-darn thing towards my goals, yesterday. I had an enormous nap after I finished my writing. And a bout of intestinal disaster or two.

The good news for me is that that noise seems to be coming to an end. The really good news is that I'm a mere 5 kilos away from my goal weight of 70 kilos.

Not that I'm endorsing the Tummy Bug diet. That's just bad news. It's totally unhealthy, don't even think about

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I did three and a half hours of cleaning, yesterday. The other half hour was spent fetching Mayhem from school. My back hurts, I'm tired (but can't sleep. Such fun) and the house looks amazing.

I also have a case of the gut bugs from somewhere. And I haven't done that much different from my regular routine. Which means either (a) mild food poisoning, or (b) I managed to pick up something from the local shops that I never wanted.

Either way,

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Big day ahead

I have to get a lot of money out of the bank, this morning, because today is the day of a four-hour clean with my distractible self helping everyone out. That's part of the deal.

So, if today's story is late, please forgive me. I'm being knocked onto my arse by more cleaning than I have the spoons for.

I will try to slot it in, but 'try' is not 'succeed'.

And then I have to do 1000 words whenever there's the

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I now have a legit copy of Adobe Animate CC. I'm using my Beloved's account, because why pay for things twice? Beloved has the thing, and has updated all the associated nonse. And I can animate with NO TIME LIMITS.

Which is just as well because it seems that I take about two weeks to draw a shot. Because OCD.

I just finished Shot #3, which was needlessly complicated for a very few seconds of time. But it is worth it. Beloved

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Hectic PLNs

My car is due for a service, today. BUT, because of scheduling issues and Beloved's workload being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... it gets convoluted.

  1. Beloved drives my car into the place to get it fixed
  2. Beloved catches usual lift to work
  3. I do the brat run as almost normal, with a borrowed car that I personally hate to drive.
  4. I drive to the place (with lappy on board)
  5. I babysit my car's fixing process
  6. I leave despised car in a parking space
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Moving forward

I figured it all out and now I have a Patreon Page. Sharp-eyed readers who come here will note that the menu has a new item, and you can pledge to support my flights of imagination.

Those who wish to see all the WIPs you can ingest can do so at a rate they can afford. Special rewards go out to those fans of mine who can afford more.

But for those of you who are itching to read Beauties and the

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Today's big ToDo is: Investigate Patreon.

Nobody's said a word about the thing, so I'm guessing that nobody has an objection about it. I'm terrified, despite the fact that I know damn well that the people sponsoring me on Patreon will be coming in as a trickle, not as a flood.

It's not as if I have a lot of people reading this blog anyway.

Yes, this URL is the hub for my everything, but... I get the increasing feeling that hardly

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So I fucked up, yesterday, and didn't post the paragraphs and shortcut to yesterday's fresh story. As far as I'm aware, only ONE of my readers even bothered to point this out.

This site is pretty much me whining about stuff and occasionally pointing at other cool things I've done.

Other things I did not do - work on SESP.

That's right. I farted most of my day away and didn't look at my email or even do much that was productive

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