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Challenge #01736-D275: Children Are...

“Are you a parent, by any chance?”

“Nah, but years of observation have given me all the tricks I’ll ever need and the resolute determination that hell no, I don’t want to deal with my own little terrors.” [Name] shuddered. “Kids are great. When they aren’t mine, that is.” -- RecklessPrudence

In days of yore, the oldest daughter was always considered a prize of a wife. She was already accustomed to looking after everyone else, and doing a majority of the household tasks. She was, to use a crude term, 'broken in'. And these days, there's a certain amount of... call it avarice... that shines in a man's eyes when I tell him I'm the oldest girl in a family of twelve.

Lucky for me I'm gay as hell. But even when I announce that I'm gay first, there's still this... greed. As if they can make me be the ideal of this perfect housewife circa nineteen fifty something. Gay or no gay. I can't even call them out on it because they are completely unaware that they are making that face.

And in the shopping areas, I'm nice to random kids automatically. Like... Sure, I used to volunteer at the local library and read to the kiddies in the kiddie corner. And I remember vast portions of my childhood and I know damn well what kids could and can get up to. Hell, even when I'm home alone, I still turn pot handles away from the edge because I'm so used to little hands grasping for what they should never touch. But I'm never having one of my own.

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Challenge #01734-D273: Enough is Enough

I think I just hit that lovely level of rage and confusion where everything seems perfectly calm and rational. -- RecklessPrudence

Penny stood. The last straw had landed and this metaphorical camel was not going to have her back broken. She left her work behind her, and picked up the best, bludgeon-like object in the room, which happened to be her umbrella.

"Where are you going?" asked her co-worker, Lilly.

"Washington," said Penny. "I'm going to beat some motherfucking sense into our

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Challenge #01658-D197: Fallen From Grace

It’s like they used the power of righteous hatred the same way some people use the power of love. -- RecklessPrudence

Some hated him because he had committed treason and bragged about it. Some hated him because of what he had done to his wives. Some hated him because of what he said. Most hated him because of what he had done. They had cause to hate each other, but the hatred of the man who claimed to be their leader

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Challenge #01610-D149: Long Live the Leader

A single powerful person who is convinced of their own Rightness with no thought of introspection or means of restraint is dangerous, moreso to others than to themselves. -- Anon Guest

Jack didn't just believe in the Leader. He had a firm and unwavering Belief in the leader. Jack was wont to Believe with all his heart and soul. Though he still prayed to the God of the holy works, the Leader was the next best thing to a foretold coming. The

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Challenge #01557-D096: Strange Fellows

They were canvassing house to house (try political candidate or party member).

"Oh! Oh! I think we might want to miss this one."

The letter box was a suspiciously shaped blue object, the bin left out on the kerb was full of empty jammy dodger packets, and the clothes line, well it didn't bear thinking about! -- Anon Guest

Paula looked. Dangling in the breeze from the hills' hoist were three Starfleet uniforms she recognised and potentially three more that she didn't.

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Challenge #01524-D063: Invisible Rebellion

They are the people who keep Organisations going, they step in, step up, or just help out how they can. A vast Army of ordinary people, old, young, able bodied or doing what they can when they can. If they are lucky, they get 'petrol money'. -- Knitnan

It was a nondescript interrogation room, but something about it told Lorraine that this particular interview room was underground. The taste of the air. The way the air conditioning sounded. The way the room

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Challenge #01509-D048: The Fundraising Franger

This is an Aussie thing, you go to vote locally, and outside will be a barbecue set up selling snags (sausages), wrapped round with a slice of bread, onions and sauce, plus soft drinks. Fundraisers for good causes. No politics, just, "tomato or barbecue, Mate?" Those of us who are on diets or vegans usually donate the price of a 'snag'. -- Anon Guest

First, they came for the cake stall, and Valerie didn't speak up because cake was a sometimes food,

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Schedule changes

My love has new employment. Which will include new hours, apparently. I'm already laying bets as to whether they will hold. But Beloved swears that they will keep hours between 7:30AM and 3:30PM. Which means our morning physical jerks will transform into afternoon exercises and probably gassing about a great many things.

I'm looking forward to exercising again.

I'm also browsing the news and it looks like there might be a National Women's Strike in protest against the 27% pay

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Challenge #01478-D017: Popular Lies

Write about a false prophet. -- WriteAboutNowBlr

"And in the bright new age of reckoning, we will no longer have freeloaders sucking on the government teat," preached the man in the large, bright suit. "There will be no need for government! No need for taxes! Those who can fulfil a need will do so, and those who need will be sated!"

The crowd cheered. Of course they did. It was a message they wanted to hear.

"In this way, and in this

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Challenge #01408-C313: Razzle Dazzle

"Look! I don't care how popular they are. I'm looking for a workhorse not a showpony." -- Anon Guest

Alas, Devin was the only one. The popular candidate won by a landslide. Well, sort of a landslide. The less popular candidate, the one who unfortunately told the truth about the sorry state that the nation was in, lost by a thin margin that was entirely taken up by the never-going-to-win third party candidate.

If only the voters had seen what Devin had

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Challenge #01389-C294: Inevitable Failure

"Hey, I might constantly manipulate people to stack things in my favor, but actually cheating is pushing it a little bit too far," -- OohLookShiny

"It's like this," said the campaign manager. "We gerrymandered, and you're still losing. We've changed the voter ID laws, and you're still losing. We've criminalised a majority of the folks who would never vote for you, and you're still losing. We've sent out false messages about easier ways to vote to the youth demographic and you're still

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Challenge #01269-C174: One Heart-Pounding Speech Somewhere in the Southern States

**If you do have to put up with someone waffling on try knitting where they can see you. The "Click" drives them nuts. Pick a person who deserves this, have fun. -- Anon Guest

[AN - any resemblance between the characters in today's story and real political people are purely co-incidental. Stop looking at me like that]

Don Alkrump loved to play to the front row. Veterans and patriots, all of them. They knew what this country needed and it was him

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Challenge #00982-B251: Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter...

That same prompt from Challenge #00891-B160, but this time the FAQ is posted for the benefit of assassins, on an Overlord's (Evil or not, your choice) office/chambers. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: That prompt read: FAQ Assassins
- Business hours are 9:00 to 5:30 - Please deposit last will and testament in box below - Knock and remove shoes before entering]

They said Lord Mavolo's temper was legendary, but this... innocent-looking little plaque... It made Goodie Dowser think twice about her

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Challenge #00980-B249: And What is a Pineapple Anyway?

"It was funny," thought Eric, "that the more you were encouraged something was for the greatest good for the people, the more it felt like being shafted with the rough end of the pineapple."

Eric mused further as the politicians burbled, "What the hell was a pineapple anyway?" -- Anon Guest

Eric's job was to do the math. When she wasn't googling exotic fruit. She drew up her programs to simulate the proposals currently on the floor. This was so odd.


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