Wuzgunnas and Disorder

I wuzgunna enjoy a nice night of chaos and D&D, but our DM is down with a Lurgi, so the game is off. Which is a good thing because I succumbed to a frighteningly interesting asthma attack on the same evening. Possibly a combination of anxiety, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, inhaling pine particulates because sawing notches into wood, and maybe a white chocolate and almond Magnum I had that evening. Or any combination of those numbering greater than zero.

Asthma can be fun, sometimes.

I took a dose on the nebuliser, I took puffs of Atrovent, I took two shots of Seratide... and it was the Seratide that finally calmed everything the heck down.

...so now I'm extra twitchy...

But just in case, Beloved and I are headed to Bunnings to find a breather mask that suits my sensory issued arse so we can get on with this shiznit without any further breathing issues.

Soon as I'm done with this and my daily dose of seaweed [I need fibre and micronutrients], my love and I will be offski on our adventures.

Stories happen during break time. I will have weak, noodly, twitchy arms, so please forgive the inevitable typos.