Whoopsy Doopsy. Again.

The story you just saw posted should have been posted before the one that links to the most recent of my tales.

I simply forgot to make sure it had posted.

Derpity derpity doo.

This is a change in schedule for me and, like all changes in schedule, it messes me up. And I'll be messed up again when the change is over and I get back to what once was. Huzzah.

With all going well, despite the heatwave, the tortuous humidity, and threatening storms, I should have the Patreon stuff posted today.

I'm also plotting to finish laundering the linnen. On a day like today, that's a gorram challenge.

And the good news for anyone reading this who loved Strange Visitors is... I'm powering ahead on Babes in the Wood. Everything else is taking a sucker-punch to the breadbasket, but whatever.

I have passed the halfway point of Clockwork Souls which means that I should now start throwing increasingly ridiculous enemies at my heroes. In situations where they have to grudgingly work together to make it out alive.

And maybe reveal that my Cloud Cuckoolander is actually somewhat brilliant. Maybe. Which means I need a big exposure moment with loads of What The Shit on the side. Especially from the Antihero.

Priorities, though. Novel writing happens when I can hide from the heat of the day in the air con. This morning, I must focus on all my rearrangements.