Challenge #01855-E031: Hello, Goodbye

Family photos, Wedding groups, school photographs. -- KnitNan

They say that Elves don't age. That's not true. They do age, just incredibly slowly. You can see it, if you journey down a particular hallway in a particular house where the city grew up around it.

They say that Elves steal children. This is a lie. They only take those who have clearly been abandoned. This Elf, once upon a sleeting autumn day, picked up an abandoned infant that had been left to die. He could tell by the way that the baby wasn't even cleaned or swaddled. Just born, and left to perish in the woods.

He was already one hundred and fifty, by then. And to human eyes, resembled a fresh-faced twenty. He strapped the baby to his chest, and traded furs for milk, clothes, and knowledge. The humans of the village that finally accepted him came to know him. Offered to help. Built him a house. Helped it become a home.

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