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Challenge #03911-J259: An Interesting Question

A curious merchant asks Wraithvine and friends as they have joined the merchant caravan to the next town. "I know elves float and meditate instead of actual sleep as we know it, but what of elven infants, do they do the same?" -- Anon Guest

"That is a question I do not often face," said Wraithvine. "Most ask if the world is truly flat for us or whether we can actually drink wine and survive. Ignorant things. So thank you for a question you've clearly been thinking about for some time."

Those around the campfire waited in anticipation, even the Hellkin Bard, Melody, had stopped idly noodling with her lute.

"Elven infants do not meditate. It's not an instinct, it is taught. Parents and guardians guide them from the moment they can understand language, to the age in which it has become automatic to do so. It's a process that tends to finish when an Elf has reached a hundred years of age."

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Challenge #01855-E031: Hello, Goodbye

Family photos, Wedding groups, school photographs. -- KnitNan

They say that Elves don't age. That's not true. They do age, just incredibly slowly. You can see it, if you journey down a particular hallway in a particular house where the city grew up around it.

They say that Elves steal children. This is a lie. They only take those who have clearly been abandoned. This Elf, once upon a sleeting autumn day, picked up an abandoned infant that had been left to

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Challenge #01741-D280: When Next You Stop

High Magics: Fuck you and fuck the piece of reality you were standing on -- RecklessPrudence

Ever after, even in the depths of his self-exile, he would remember the first time that the elf used his name. He'd been travelling with the show for months, and knew everyone. And everyone knew him. Except the elf. It was difficult to tell whether they were male or female and they deliberately exploited that to unnerve people.

They were between towns, camping temporarily along the

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