Whelp. There's some nasty...

Just when everything was coming up sunshine and lollipops, the interwebs goes down. So I'm using my phone data to do my awesome things. Which means you won't be seeing much of me online until that gets fixed.

Beloved has left the task of calling the Interwebs peeps to me, so that'll be happening sometime after the shopping expedition to The Place on the Corner. We need single-use plastic bags to cart away kitty poops.

It'd probably be better for the environment if we had potentially re-usable source of plastic bags instead of having to buy them bespoke for a single purpose... but not everyone thinks like we do and that's the sad truth.

So. After Chaos heads off, I take a walk to get some single-use plastic bags... then come back and have a nice chat with the people who control our interwebs. Fun.

It's only after that that you'll get your daily tale.

Stand by. Repair procedures are underway.