Challenge #02416-F226: Pheromone Formula Number Nine

H: "oh SHIT"

I rushed in as soon as I can, noticing a pink liquid spread across the floor as I slipped on it.

H: "you should lock yourself in you sleeping quarter for a few hours"

My body began to heat up, as the human helped me up they look different form they was a moment ago, Breathing heavily.

M: "why should I?"

I was on the floor again, pulling the human down with me.

H: "Its a universal aphrodisiac" -- Anon Guest

Realistically, it shouldn't make sense. So many species had different body chemistry, different pheromones, different fertility cycles, different plumbing... Yet it was happening anyway. I was feeling in the mood for some solidly beneficial haptic feedback. Human Jaz was the same way, I could tell by their dilated pupils and elevated breathing.

"This is wrong," said Human Jaz. They were fighting their call of the wild and I had to wonder how. Truly, these creatures were as they said - space orcs. To resist something that powerful. They had to be powerful and I had to have them as my bedmate.

"Is it?" I challenged. "This feels just right to me. I can make it feel right by you." I couldn't understand how they could resist. The feeling was overtaking my brain. Some part of me still protested that I couldn't possibly mate with a Human, but that was a dull whisper compared to the part that was screaming about how I could find a way to make it work.

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