What has two thumbs and a copy of Steamworld Heist?

::Points both thumbs at self::

Yup. Me!

I got Beloved to help me tweak my 3DS's internet settings. Then I immediately purchased the game I've been waiting for ever since Steam Powered Giraffe and Image and Form games announced the collab they were working on.

...and then I spent a majority of my morning lying in bed and enjoying the heck out of it.

The music is fantastic (of course). The gameplay mechanic takes all the annoying things about shooter games out of this shooter game. [I'm no twitch gamer, and most combat games require twitch gaming to live] You can take your time and line up the perfect shot.

And you can collect all kinds of hat by conquest.

AND it's a 2-D sidescroller jump-and-die with 3D capabilities. I love the old puzzle/shooter/platformers so this takes me all the way back to my Commander Keen days. And now I feel really old.

It's a very addictive game. I delayed going for my walk for five hours just by thinking, "One more campaign". Heheh.

But it's a procrastinate-y kind of day.

I mean, I just had breakfast at lunchtime.

And as soon as I'm finally done with today's story, I am going to vanish into the realms of steambots versus dieselbots and gunslinging to the gentle melodies of Steam Powered Giraffe.

It's going to cost me $17 to get the album [so very much want] more if I buy a physical copy[even though it's $10 minimum at the band's store, postage and handling bite deep], plus the pain and anguish of waiting for it to arrive. Plus side of buying me a physical copy and letting me know - there may be another story happening as I lie in wait to pounce on the postal worker.

Any and all help towards making me the happiest little steam nerd are greatly appreciated.