Challenge #01051-B319: One Entertaining Evening in the Local Theatre

This video I've never seen something like that executed so well in real life. -- Gallifreya

[AN: for those of you who don't want to watch, the prank involves sets of twins doing a Scooby-Doo farcical door chase scene]

Seeing it done with editing was one thing. Seeing it done live was another. Watching what seemed to be the same person enter one door and immediately exit another, on stage... it boggled the mind.

The act called themselves Cartoon Logic. Rael presumed there were sets of twins involved. Or at the very least a carefully-selected cast who looked enough alike to confuse the casual viewer.

Shayde was enjoying the show without indulging in forced physical interaction with him. Which was also a bonus. She was quietly giggling to herself instead of digging her elbow into his ribs.

The peak of hilarity was when the same person exited two or more doors. With the resultant double takes milked for every laugh the audience had to spare.

They never went for more than three at a time, which had Rael puzzled. The actors did really look similar... Identical Triplets? What were the odds?

He was still trying to work out the math when the teams of quadruplets took their bows.

"What?" he openly boggled, even as he applauded. "You knew about this, didn't you? Watching through your True Lights."

"Na, I read the info sheet. Janus is a Genner world where they worked exclusively towards gettin' twins at every birth. Quads aren't so unusual over there."

Rael didn't know whether to cheer or strangle her. The one time where he didn't read the information beforehand, and she did... It was infuriating. "You're going to hold this over me, aren't you?"

"Who? Me?" A sharp-toothed grin. "Never. Well... maybe a wee bitty bit. Once in a while. When yer pontificatin', ye ken."

Especially when he was pontificating about the importance of reading ahead, he had no doubt.

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