We just had to re-wire our household internet because mice, but before that, I had my entire site crash. So I wanted that to be a decent excuse for learning how to fix my own dang 500/502 errors.

Before I did that, though, the aforementioned internet rebuggering. In which we discovered that the cardboard box Beloved was using as an improvised server shelf was encouraging mice. Mice that nibbled through all the very important internet cables.

No wonder the internet was shit.

Beloved has learned a very important lesson - don't fucking keep empty cardboard boxes around ad infinitum. Or at least, I hope they have.

I have learned a very important lesson, too. How to unfuck a 500 error with my site All By Myself. YAY!

Meanwhile, our ducted air con system is down because the touchscreen interface is cactus. We've gone back to the old air cons for now and I will be calling the peeps on Monday to be certain that things are unbuggered as soon as possible. I'm giving the solar guys the hairy eyeball on this one. They might have accidentally fucked something incidental.

Next week is looking like:

  • Number of dudes coming in: 1 that I have to pln.
  • Game nights: 1 (that we have to get to)
  • PLN'd days on the wagon: 5 before a celebration night on Thursday

We had Sushi last night, so of course I went overboard on the calories. Up by a whopping 1.1 kilos. Dag. So it's back on the extended fast for me. Not that I'm complaining yet.

Today's Instant was already out on Steemit. The rest of the world gets to hear about it now. Starting with you.