Well, crap.

I might have poisoned my Beloved with bad bacon, I'm suffering less because I only had one helping, but there's still suffering. The curtain in the lounge room has fallen down for the last time and I don't think I have the technical whatsit to put up the new one. I could assist my love, but... my love doesn't want to leave close access to the ensuite.

I have yet to take any of my supplements, which is probably why I want to crawl into bed with the love of my life and sleep the day away.

But I still have to write a story for y'all, nurse my love back to health, and look after my good self.

But first... Statistics! It's still Statistics Saturday and you can compare this week with last week's numbers.

Weight: 81.2 kg
Fat weight: 32.4 kg
Waist/Height: 0.541
Blood Sugar: 4.2
Blood Ketones: 3.2
Breath Ketones: 7.4

About the only unhealthy measurement there is my Waist/Height number, and that's still improving. I continue to lose fat, and my middle flab is tightening up, so that counts for any flesh loss.

When I weighed a hundred kilos, or thereabouts, I thought I'd never get to 85 kilos. And the few times I got close, I was absolutely miserable. So this is all cream on the metaphorical cake for me. Not that I can have either cream or cake, right now.

We might be working on a bread recipe, later. The healthiest bread in the WORLD, according to the site that has it. I know my little darlings miss having sandwiches. I miss having sandwiches.

And then there's the updating of everything, of course. It's all a means to slow me down.

Onwards, ever onwards.