Challenge #01496-D035: Signal of Doom "You live in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Each person gets three marks, one on their right hand to indicate their future arch nemesis, one on their left hand to indicate their side kick/partner, and one on their chest to indicate their powers and insignia. Today your marks show up and they’re… Shocking, to say the least." (same prompt but this time, all the symbols are identical. If you did that the first time, something else.) -- Gallifreya

Not everyone gets to be Super. It's only fair. If everyone was Super, then it would just be Normal. And we all know that Normal is boring. And we also know that Supers need someone to rescue. It kind-of works out that way, I guess. And -hey- we all want to be Super, one day.

I thought I'd missed out. Turns out I'm a Late Waker. Mine happened in the beginning of phys ed, changing for the lockers, and someone noticed that I had what looked like a photorealistic sun on my chest. This was the first and only time I got out of phys ed because of puberty fallout.

I was the first one to get that sigil, so they shoved me inside the Really Big Bunker so fast that I hardly had time to blink. I got to live in the Heavy Assessment Labs. Punching things, kicking things, screaming at things. It was great therapy, don't get me wrong, but nothing was happening. And then, when I had reached my maximum frustration point, I blew up.

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