Challenge #01495-D034: Super Signals "You live in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Each person gets three marks, one on their right hand to indicate their future arch nemesis, one on their left hand to indicate their side kick/partner, and one on their chest to indicate their powers and insignia. Today your marks show up and they’re… Shocking, to say the least." -- Gallifreya

Everyone gets their Wakening at a different time. The symbol on the chest happens first. Ignore all the rumours going around about how it "burns through" to your super-suit. No. That won't happen. You have to get it copied by a professional.

And trust me, you need a professional. Loads of Supers start out by having their friend copy it, or doing it themselves. They always wind up with their sigil backwards or... hideously mutated. Girls like me get enough crap on the Super Scene. The last thing I need is a bad copy or worse, the hole in the shirt, to show the world who I am.

The chest symbol is a warning both for yourself and everyone around you. You and the authorities have two weeks to get any safety equipment into place. There's even a program for the Supers who Waken while living in poor areas. Governments who don't like funding that one get their own comeuppance. Trillions in property damage tends to really teach people, you know?

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