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Challenge #03012-H089: With a Little Help From My...

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: you have my bow.

Dwarf: and my axe.

Necromancer: and your brother! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Heheheh, I remember when that first did the rounds on Tumblr. I think someone made a comic page out of it eventually. I wanna say Oglaf, but... probably not Oglaf[1].]

People always think necromancy is the ultimate evil. They think that necromancers don't respect the dead, the gods, the feelings of those still breathing. They think wrong. Remember such magics as Revivify? Or True Resurrection? They're necromantic. Clerics talk to the dead all the time, but the instant you wear a black robe and start using necrotic damage... Yeah.

Death is a part of life. Helping someone pass peaceably from life into death is just as important as helping both mother and child survive the process of birth. Trust me, there's things that can go wrong. Unfinished business makes ghosts. Put a ghost too near a magical construct, and it causes all sorts of problems. Unstoppable creature with one purpose melded with an unkillable spirit with a different purpose? Bad noise. And don't get me started on the undead. Yeah, necromancers can hate those shits. Bringing dead meat to life has its own perils and undead is in the top three.

Forget black robes and skeletal minions. It's only the edgelords that go there. Edgelords with a lot of money. Black is a very expensive hue for clothing[2]. Not great when you're a starving student of the dark arts. Honestly, I look like any other student - hard-wearing worker's clothes so I don't have to keep buying new clothes. A long-lasting pair of shoes headed for their last breath... And at least one stupid accessory because it had a practical application and no student ever had the coin to spare for style.

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