Wednesday, Wordpress & Date Night

Beloved's plan for this evening is to Go Somewhere outside of our normal travels and see what we can see. It was my duty to pick out the place, so I chose one with a lot of parks and at least one eatery that wasn't Maccas.

I have no idea if this is going to be a majority of the day thing, or an evening thing. We shall see.

If it's in the evening only, then I have a chance to do all the other stuff that has been Waysided over the last couple of days. Stuff put on the wayside so I can deal with Other Stuff. Like the emotional overload caused by talking about all the Botherings happening since I last saw my shrink.

Call it Post-Cry Exhaustion. Even though I didn't actually cry, it's still a tiring thing to unwind the spring. I firkin SLEPT, last night.

Hopefully, I now have enough energy to do the Brain Heavy things and still be active for Date Night.

I can only try. And plan for the next time.