Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress Continueth

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twelve active, with eleven in hospital.

Today... I get to chill, but only after I've been to the dentist, because I've been pushed up to have a thing going on today. Also, there's an APM meeting this afternoon.

Somewhere in the labyrinthine expanses of today's hours, I am going to attempt to program in a tag part of the app.

The things I do to myself.

Including: Someone's waved a shiny idea at me over on Toasty's discord. We're hammering out deets, but it's for sure going to be a collab at some point. Be warned.

In the news:

  • Drug kingpin falls for police sting
  • Australia and China are still in a toxic relationship
  • News sites crash, hackers suspected
  • Queen meets Princess Lilibet on Zoom. I want to know if there's a cat filter involved
  • Some fuckwit showed loads of red flags before he shot a 6YO
  • Dyson warns against vacuum cleaner life hack
  • Singer takes pic of her bum and it goes viral
  • Aldi sells cheap luggage again
  • Creepy figures found via Google Earth turns out to be an art installation
  • Muppet actually calls for regulation! Of Bitcoin. Which is allowing (gasp!) poor people to become richer. Think of the billionaires!
  • Loads of people are coming up with ways to turn plastic into useful stuff

Onwards to nonsense.