Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague News: Six new cases - two local and four imports. Forty-one total active cases, twenty-one in hospital and two in the ICU.

There's more of my terrible Tiefling lad to share on Wordpress and I'm gradually building up a bunch of stuff to rant about. Some of which I may actually write down at some point in my future.

My poor mum is dealing with Phone Issues. Calling it now - 98% chance she's hit a wrong button somewhere and accidentally initiated something she does not want. I did what I could to help remotely, but her options for actual real help are (1) rentageek or (2) Get tutorials at the Telstra Shop.

Good luck and godspeed on that one.

In the news:

  • Victoria has Mystery Cases. If I was them, I'd just arrest anyone with the fake check-in app
  • Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has passed on
  • NSW deciding on easing restrictions "shortly" despite having hundreds of cases and loads of Knomiras causing havoc on purpose
  • ScoMo up to his usual antisocial bullshit
  • Plague causes house prices to drop
  • Taliban prevents Afghanistan people from running away from them
  • Muppet now calling fleeing Afghanistanis 'terrorists'. Stay classy
  • TIL Prince has perished
  • Fox news slams Australia's safety measures
  • Aussies have made $30K from Crypto

Beloved has PLNs to install a door or two and I have PLNs to acquire a proper garment bag for delicate laundries.