Wednesday, Day 0, the Germans have a word for this...

Three new cases this morning, sixty total, fifty-seven in hospital and one in ICU. Which means that two of them are apparently waiting for the inevitable. Argh. At least they're all from other places and we don't need to worry until one of them escapes the security measures.

What the Germans probably have a word for is "the sensation that your life has become needlessly complicated". And to be honest, there's a definite sense of "the house that Jack built" to the procedures I have to undergo.

To assist in Miss Chaos' reception of the Disability Support Pension, I have to:

  • Help her get a Tax File Number
  • Sign her account over to her management
  • Help her jump through hoops at the most convenient Centerlink

To get that entire ball rolling I have to... (gasp) make a phone call ::dramatic sting::

In order to get bathroom fixin' money, I need to:

  • Shift all available funds to Binance [in progress]
  • Acquire a USB mouse
  • With which to access nonsense on my dying iMac
  • So I can unlock my Trezor account
  • Then send Bitcoins to my Coinjar
  • Then sell those bitcoins for moneys
  • Which I then transfer between my extant bank accounts

...that lay in the house that Jack built.

For that latter list, at least, I can present a quest item:

[Shown here: a cheap corded mouse with a sales sticker for $12, but a receipt showing the price as $8. I fully expected to pay $20 for this thing]

Behold - the ludicrously cheap corded mouse. I've learned things with this. The first being that if you stick "gamer" in front of any technoscrattle, you can charge shitloads for it. Secondly - the corded mouse is going extinct. Less "no demand" but more "limited availability". You have to be willing to hunt around to find this little nugget. They can get more money out of you if they also sell a dongle, so there's less incentive to carry any of these bad boys at all.

With luck, I shall both be making a phone call and rummaging through my old iMac for information. I might just start getting things sorted. Huzzah. Fingers crossed.

In the news:

  • Some arsehole shot and killed ten people and then stripped before the police took him in
  • ScoMo claims he walked into the wrong toilet and that's why he's facing a harassment complaint. Cops backlash
  • Australia is making the AstraZeneca vaccine
  • Conspiracy theories emerge about a rollercoaster fire
  • Hoggies might be crashing
  • Millennials apparently saved by accident. Good for them
  • Base jumper's parachute fails and they die
  • Some UFO's are "difficult to explain". Well duh. That's why they're called Unidentified Flying Objects
  • More nasty weather due
  • Aldi finally launches online shopping

I'm going to go off about something on Wordpress, today. But first - fiction.