Wednesday, Date Nite and Tight Schedule

We have a hair appointment later today, Beloved has beauty treatments, we have social engagements, and we have a date tonight.

It's Beloved's turn to buzz around like a fly in a bottle, today.

As for me, I was up until almost midnight packing meals for later consumption. We're never buying three kilos of salmon again. There's a LOT of salmon meals.

Thank the Powers that I love salmon.

We also wound up with a surplus of kale. Never buying three firkin bags of the dang stuff again.

Make no mistake, I like Kale. However, I cannot eat absolute swathes of it in one sitting. Small doses are the best for me. And even using small doses, we have a surplus of kale.

IDK what I'm going to do with it.

BUT it's also bus o'clock and I need to have a shower and all that jazz.

Content will occur as I find time windows in which to post it. Yay.