Okay, so yesterday I just managed to get my output accomplished. Then I pretty much instantly conked out until the wee small hours this AM.

I got perhaps half a music piece for the podcast, but I haven't edited anything. In a few brief minutes, I shall be feeding the felines and dotpainting touch-ups. Then commencing on my output once more.

I'm feeling a little weary at the moment, so I need to figure out a pick-me-up to get me back on track. Or, at minimum, back to an even keel.

Right now? I need cuddles, a hot bath, and maybe a good lie down. Something indulgent as entertainment that requires zero brainpower and even less emotional investment.

I may have to have a little collapse during the weekend. Hope it doesn't interfere with anyone else's plans. Because Yulemas is coming and that is ALWAYS run by other people's plans.

I'm not gallivaunting about today. I just need today to sit and chill.

But first - the morning run-around.