Two down

I've now been rejected by two of the three agents I sent those query letters off to.

One to go.

And then it's on to the next bag of hope on my list. All of whom actually have turn-around times and promises to get back to me.

And then I get to have ANOTHER anxiety spike as I wait for those turn-arounds. All the way down to zero.

And when it finally gets to zero, I shall draft a complaint letter to AR&E saying that their list didn't help in the slightest and I want my $400 back.

Not that it would help in the slightest, but... Gotta at least try. Right.

I'm four years away from the whole "do it for ten years and the world will notice you" thing. And if I have a fandom, they're really, REALLY quiet.

Not that I'm going to give up after ten years. Fuck no. I have enough book fodder to keep me going until 2036. And by the time that year rolls around, I'll have enough grist to keep me going until I die. And probably beyond.

I'm not giving up. I'm a writer until I die.

And speaking of WIPs...

I'm getting a rattle on with Over the River, which will be the last instalment of When We Were Us until I get a good stable of stories up for that one.

Which might take a while because I have these other shiny ideas bustling for my attention. As shiny ideas do. But I am taking my time and only working on the fanfic when I literally have nothing else to do.

Such is what passes for discipline in my life.